Unseen Reality Ch.1


I had finally made it, graduation day had come at last. I was accepted to UNCC to pursue a degree in creative writing. The program’s I was interested in was a toss up between writing and computer technology for video game development. Excitement  swelled within me to the point that I was crying.

A knock at the door brought me back to reality. My best friend Alaina breezed through the door all smiles carrying a bouquet of tiger lilies which happen to be my most favorite flowers in the entire universe besides the lotus flower. “Congratulations Bestie!” She screamed with so much energy that I had to ground myself for the impact. “Thanks Alaina, for a while with all the drama with my parents I didn’t think I would make it.” I sat down on my futon looking off into space. Alaina walked over standing in front of me, taking my…

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