Soon we two will be between the same walls

Your voice, your scent, the truth in your eyes

Will now forever be a part of me

Despite my adrenalin faintly permeating

The fresh onslaught of oxygen

Pumping at its utmost

I expect to be imperceptible

A ghost

As I move into your space

Your restless eyes

Passing me by

Hesitating for a blink

As a preternatural twinge

Arises from your brain

Warning you an observer

Is in the area

But like all moderns

You ignore that extra sense

Continuing on, walking by

As my looping mind

Consoles me

Reminds me

Skin-deep counts

In a world where plainness is maligned

© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Beauty is only skin deep by chemicalrachel-xd.deviantart.com

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