Truth is far stranger than fiction.

I ride with a trucker. Not that this is strange,  but occasionally over the road strange things occur.  Yesterday was one of those days.  It all started with us going to Dallas on a load.  Nothing unusual,  just take it to the customer and be there by 9am on Monday. Well I am sitting in the passenger seat and reading aloud,  (why buy audiobooks when I enjoy reading?)  and we are about to enter into a construction zone.  Apparently a gentlemen in a rented suv decided to try and enter it at the last second… Even though we were in the way.  So he hit us.  Well my friend pulled over,  called 911. And the  fellow who hit us comes to the driver’s door saying “what the fuck dude? ” my friend respectfully tells him that he is calling for police.  Well several calls later,  (police,  safety,  dispatch)  my friend got out to document the accident and deal with the police.

Well,  later I was informed of what went on.  The guy who hit us,  tried to convince the cop it was my friend who caused the accident.  To no avail. So as a matter of paperwork,  the police officer ran my friends license.  Only to have it come back as suspended for DUI… Mind you my friend has never had a DUI.  So we had to park until it was cleared up. So he told safety,  and after hours dispatch.  We were told the load would be relayed. So we went to bed… Set an alarm,  so he could call the Dmv in the morning. We were woke by dispatch.  Who had no clue what was going on.  He wanted to know why we were late.  So ok… We got moving on phone calls. Turns out the Dmv was upset because he had no insurance on file for a truck that was no longer owned by him. Because he is an otr truck driver getting his mail only happens every third month at best. So he had no notice of the issue.  Took him 10 minutes with the Dmv to fix it,  two hours with his company to get approved to run again.  So we get started to Dallas again… Only to realize that the cop still has his license…. Well time for paperwork to get caught up while we wait for the cop.


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