I am obviously by no standards normal. I am a creative soul who is often forgetful and messy. I am anxious and freak out over the strangest things.  I have a poor self image,  so I often fail to accept compliments. Not because I don’t want them but because I think I am being made fun of. My brain and mouth rarely work together, so i have no filter and often make no sense.  I love deeply and quickly,  often the wrong people. I am often slightly crazy. I honestly see the worst in me.  Social situations end me up saying the wrong thińg because it seemed right to to me. So I end up the sad lonely girl in the corner. So I am slightly anti-social. I am crafty,  i write,  i draw.  I even sometimes do those things well. I have children.  My youngest is a fairly well behaved child who fairly much like me. She is not social.  I have tried to expose her to a variety of social options… She sees the cruelty of others and is unimpressed. She is mature for twelve. Should I force her to be something she is not?  So I have to consider what is normal? Really is it something different for each person?    And if it is what does that say for the ones who look at me because I am different and say it is wrong? 

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