Editing Considerations – Take Three

Sir Oliver of Skygate Farm's Blog

It’s been a busy two weeks, what with my being groomed and having my teeth cleaned and playing with all my buddies while James plays with his novel. That’s right, James is still editing. He tells me he will be for at least the next couple of weeks.

img_0017[Me before being groomed (edited).]

He told me editing is like my being groomed. First I get a wash (and treats) and then a blow dry (and treats) and a light brushing (many more treats) and then they start cutting. They especially do a close crop around my pads, ears and privates (special treats for those areas). Now, so you know, it isn’t only my hair they cut. They cut my nails, like a manicure/pedicure that humans get. (I’ll let you in on a little secret. No man is cured when this happens, if you get my drift.)

img_0054[Me after being groomed…

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