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I’m back! No, I’m not Arnold. It’s me, Ollie, James’ Old English Sheepdog. The last time we met I told you about how James had been editing before we went for our walk. Well, he’s still editing. It seems that he does more editing than writing. (What is that? Is editing writing? Okay, so can I have a treat for that? Oh, goodie. I love treats.) James loves editing. It’s how he makes his writing better. It’s not that it’s bad when he writes it the first time. (What? No treat? But….) James says all writing is — he used a word I don’t think I should — “bad” until edited.

Like I was saying, James edits quite often. When we were out walking, he asked me if I would be so kind as to give you some pointers about what it is he looks for in order to correct…

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