Types of Faeries

Cyn A. Snow, Author



Fairies? Let me tell you about fairies. They are a lot like Tinkerbell and friends, and they are not. There are many types of fairies depending on who you ask and which culture you are talking about.

The wee folk in English literature are called Pixies or spirits. They are mischievous, enjoy messing with young females and they love leading travelers down the wrong path. The folklore also involves babies being stolen and replacing them with changelings. To avoid this, they believe using cold iron, charms made from Rowan and herbs, or they say to just avoid the areas where it is said the fae dwell or are seen.

The Irish fairies come in 7 types but I will only touch on a few of the more known:

a) The Dullahan – Theyare headless. Although the dullahan has no head upon its shoulders, he carries it with…

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