Working, or Why Making Art is a Fulltime Job

Omg! This! I can not tell you how many times I have been told that I sit around and do nothing. I have 11 books on amazon. I have three more in progress. I homeschool. I assist with dealing with the big truck that I am riding in. And I write. I am always writing. Always producing art. Both of the writing sort and of the visual sort. This blog explains my frustration so well…

Anatomy of Perceval Blog

A-hand-writing-with-a-pen-006While following a symphony orchestra labor dispute recently, I was reminded of the public’s perception of professional orchestral musicians, i.e. these people don’t work hard or fulltime. Wrong! It’s the same thing with writers although with professional writers, the professional tends to go in quotes and work is actually hobby. Makes my blood boil.

It doesn’t help that getting paid for one’s art is so difficult. If I were to have gone into journalism and written as a journalist, there’d be no question that my writing was worth my salary. But a novel? Short stories? Just how much work goes into creating fiction? I’ve written before about creative writing as a job and what the job description would look like. There’s a lot more that goes into the work than people know or even think about. It’s not a matter of simply sitting at a desk and putting words…

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