Women and Words

HELLO, dahlings! Welcome to another Fangirl Friday and this time, gracious me, my little shiny plumblossoms, we are graced by the presence of none other than Gail Carriger (hard “g” in Carriger), the award-winning and NYT bestselling author whose fabulously attired and deliciously quirky characters inhabit her paranormal steampunk universe.

I am a huge fan of her work not only because I dig steampunk but also because I love its tongue-in-cheekiness with regard to Victorian mores, AND amidst her panoply of characters are those who are LGBT+. They are beautifully wrought and eminently human (even those who are paranormal), and I find myself missing them when I finish one of her books.

Her bio puts it best: Miss Carriger’s novels are urbane fantasies mixed with steampunk comedies of manners.

And indeed, if you have not indulged in Carriger’s work, I am afraid your soul is lacking. But that’s quite all…

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