Open Thought Vortex

By James W. Gaynor

I started Early – Took my Dog –

And visited the Sea –

The Mermaids in the Basement

Came out to look at me –

                        Emily Dickinson (656)

In my limited experience with the phenomenon, love at first sight tends to require crowded rooms and alcohol consumption, not metal cages and a powerful odor of disinfectant. But there’s a first time for everything.

Our eyes met. A voice in my head informed me in no uncertain terms, “You’re late. Let’s go!” And we did.

My new canine companion trotted along Second Avenue with me, sporting a sexy blue tattoo on her belly that marked her chip implant and a new name in honor of the poet whose work can all be sung to The Yellow Rose of Texas. She was now officially Emily Because-I-Could-Not-Stop-for-Death Dickinson Gaynor. And I was wiped out by love, humming Barry…

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