​​Dear Escapees,

Letters of May

​I wonder what you go through. I wonder if you lie awake at night waiting for sleep to come, as it remains a distant lover. I’m curious to find out if your legs tremble and your heart aches like mine do. Do you count the stars? Do you stare at the ceiling? How many thoughts cross your mind in a second? What do you do when the morning greets you too early, and you know you have to say hello eventually?

Tell me about your day. I want us to share stories of the hell we walk through and the heavens we visit. While the world watches, we will let them know that we are not weak. In fact, we are soldiers who escaped from a vault labelled “Insanity”. Our voices can never be silenced. Our marches will always be strong; even on days when we are made out of…

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Breaking the Legacy of Silence #28: I Won’t Back Down: My Top 10 List of Things I’d Rather Do Than See Donald Trump Take the Office of POTUS | Kim D. Bailey – FIVE:2:ONE

Kim D. Bailey

“I’ve been thinking of how to broach this subject—since it’s all any of us are talking about—and I have come up with what I consider the most articulate way for me to describe my disgust and disdain for the inauguration and the next four years of hell for this country.”

Kim D Bailey talks of the things she’d rather be doing than watching our fearless leader in this weeks #breakingthelegacy. Give it a read and share it ya’ll.


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planning and prompted writing


I have been writing more lately.  This is a good thing.  my poetry is flowing. And the stories are trying to do the same. this is where my issue is.  I am not a planner when I write.  So when I have a dozen stories vying for space in my mind and am only one person…. well it means that I get so far in a story and lose track of where it should go. which is entirely frustrating. Planning the story only causes me to loose focus quicker. I am not saying this to whine.  it is just the way that I am.

So I am feeling that frustration with my current story and I set a deadline with my editor.  What that means is something ends up being forgotten in my struggle to make the story fall into line. For me… I am sorry to say… it has been this blog. I wanted to apologize for this.  I will likely be lax in posting until I am finished with this one and sent to the editor. I hope that you understand and return to see me after the 27th.

On Writing: Recycling Your Creations


Recycling isn’t limited to trash and newspapers. As a fiction writer, recycling ideas, settings, plots, and even characters can be a useful tool. I write. A lot. And I have a long catalog of writings and ideas that have never seen the outside of my computer or imagination. Sometimes those ideas/plots/characters go on to be in one of my books or short stories. But sometimes they don’t. Sometimes something will be written or planned out that just isn’t going to make the cut for public viewing. So what happens to those ideas and characters that never become more than my own personal stable of ramblings?

Sometimes they’re just trashed. Ideas that didn’t work, characters I never really got into, settings that weren’t anything special. They fall by the wayside – they’re 86’d along with the rest of the unfinished (or sometimes finished) story. But other times, I recycle them.


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