My sister…. I should have blocked him before now, but I am the sort to ignore the problem with certain people until I find it to be too much. 😢

Cyn A. Snow, Author


I don’t normally write about this but something happened today that really got to me and I’m angry and upset that some stranger can trigger my depression and lack of self-worth just by calling me a liar, trash, and a victim.

One of my best friends had posted something about Planned Parenthood, and this person, who has of late constantly been doing nothing but being negative on her posts if he doesn’t agree with them, posted his opinion about it. And of course his post was knocking those that are lower class and how the majority of them are drug users and don’t know how to handle money, which is typical of him. So, Patti told me about it and tagged me so I could see what he had said. And I responded by calling him out on his constant bad-mouthing of the poor / lower class. I also mentioned…

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