Irony and productivity 

   I got a new phone for my birthday. It is a bigger and more useful device for me… Except where the SIM card needs replacing. So I am without a phone… And internet. Yes,  I am miserable. I am not sure how I am as active online as I apparently am.  But it is a major issue for me to be without it.  So I do a daily writing goal of at least 250 words or one poem or a blog post….and here lately,  due to personal brain space being a hot mess,  I have been willing to accept one art piece as well.  It is a at least I am creating,  in some form. Some days it is easier than others.  Depends an enormous amount on my headspace and the demons within. Well all that being said,  today has been a very productive one. I adulted… (Did the shopping at Walmart… Like it or not). I did two pieces of art (that flower above being one).  I did a poem.  And as Serena,  I started the continuation of Madness and Truth. I did 540 words there. And now I have also done a blog post.  It will of course be published when I find net again.  So I wonder if I should not purposefully turn off my internet access at least once in a while to push myself.  It’s a thought to consider. 


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