Did you know that STRESS is a major killer of creativity?

It took me so long to realize this!

I was one of those creatives (AKA, all of us, LOL) that bought into the idea that procrastination and stress were necessary for me to produce my best work. As creatives, we tend to cling to stress and claim it as motivation. We hang onto the idea that the only way we can accomplish great work is to feel the pressure, or to draw inspiration from our shadow selves.

How many times have you heard yourself saying::

“I work best under pressure”
“My best work is when it’s off the cuff”
“If I don’t have my back up against the wall, it won’t get done”
“Planning takes all the passion out of creation”
“My depression/stress/anxiety/fear/sadness/etc… feeds my art/work/writing/etc…”
“I can’t slow down or I will get lazy + stop altogether”


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