Expectations and excitement 

     I have been busy this week on a emotional rollercoaster.  I will not burden everyone with the downs,  for more than one reason.  At least partially because it is not all my story,  and also because I really don’t want to do the whole complaining and ranting thing.  

       So I will share the good end of the spectrum that has been my life this week. A friend of mine decided to start a magazine.  She is doing it to raise awareness on mental health issues.  And she asked me to help with it!  So I am getting to be a part of this awesome magazine,  and in the beginning too. 

          The magazine is taking submissions. Here is a copy of the post she made about it :

       Escaping The Vault –  Magazine is now accepting art and written materials pertaining to mental health awareness. 
For our first issue we are looking for: 

-Written materials: poems, stories (fiction & non-fiction), articles, essays, letters etc. 
-Art work: paintings, photography, digital art, drawings, comics etc. 
Topic: PTSD

Word count: 300 to 1k

Max 5 Submissions

Accepting submissions from all ages. 18 and younger requires parental consent.
Deadline: June 30th

Email: lettersofmayanthology@gmail.com

Future Deadlines:

August 30th: Suicide 

October 30th: Domestic Violence


I am extremely excited about this!  I have already submitted my first article.  The magazine will be wonderful and paperback.  Please do check it out and spread the word! 


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