I have a few less years, but no shortage of bad decisions. But here is my thoughts about your eloquent view. Even if all of what happened to you was based upon bad decisions, who the HELL was he to judge your decisions? I have no doubt that he has made a few himself. Everyone makes bad decisions, that is how we learn. Some of us fail to learn, so we judge… And apply our own pain to the world around us. The more enlightened of us apply it as generousity and kindness… Then there are judge mental bastards like the one in this story. Be the light you are and shine my dear!

Kim D. Bailey

My life is exactly that—mine. I do the best with it each day. No one has a right to preface their justifications for denying me anything based on who I am, or even all I’ve done. Deny me your time, protection, money, or love—just do it honestly and take responsibility for it instead of pushing that off on me.


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