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IMG_20180520_142522_700#announcement my art will be in the summer edition of Creatives Rising E-zine! Keep an eye on my social media for dates and links!


Infinity Claims

Serenity Studios Crafting and Publishing

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Sofia Grace Alexander, the only child of Nicholas Alexander, Don of the Alexander Crime family, born with an infinity symbol birthmark on her upper arm. She was the precious shining light in Nicholas’s dark life. They had a unique bond with each other from the moment she was born. Tragedy hits and Sofia and her mother are killed, or are they? How far will one brother be willing to go to take control of the family?
And will a childhood friend be the one that also has an infinity bond to Sofia bring her back to her father and take back what is hers?

released on 12th May 2018

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Author Bio

Amber Joi Scott or the Wicked Writing Wench, born and raised in the South with a snarky attitude and kiss my ass mentality. She is the best selling Author for her bound series. Also, being born…

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My thoughts, and other imaginary things

Fighting the mental gremlins mean that even though I feel inadequate, I keep going. For me this often means writing, even if I feel like it is not something anyone wants to read. I have been sharing my poetry more lately on my Instagram. My reason? I am getting the reactions there. It makes me feel like I am pimping out my soul to ask for reactions, but I end up using the positive feedback to boost myself in the fight against the voice in the back of my head… You know that voice… The one that tells me how awful I am, how awful my writing and art is.

I have been avoiding any posting of opinions lately, mostly because I have been feeling less than qualified to have opinions. Much less speak them. What that means is that I have been hiding behind my poetry a lot more lately. I finished and published Music For The Soul. I am about thirty poems into the next volume (Poetry Kisses). I am also looking into helping to promote other authors through my blog. (Which would give me more to post here as well as help with promoting my fellow writers.)

See, I firmly believe that as a writer, I should be helping other writers. I am not in competition with anyone, and the world can only benefit from others who are writing. Lately, I have been seeing controversy over trademarks in the writing world (specifically the romance genre…) I watched horrified that it was even a consideration. How is a single word causing so much trouble.

So I have been watching that and keeping my opinions to myself.

I will be trying to post more information as I receive it about the promoting.

Notes, notes everywhere…

Do you use multiple devices and need to keep notes between them? Perhaps you are on the go and need to write as you do? Well, that is the reason for this app.

Evernote has three levels of service. I personally found that I need the plus level. There is a free version. Each version is just a bit better. For the plus I can have all of my devices (including phone, tablet, laptop, and computer) logged into my account and syncing. Free only allows two devices to sync at a given time.

You can create as many notebooks as are needed. I find this to be a fairly flexible and useful app. It has allowed me a freedom of movement with my writing. And the premium packages are not terribly cost prohibitive. Plus is $3 monthly or $25 if you do it for a year. (Rounded up..) It’s not a bad app. If you collaborate with others this app has options for that as well. I am really happy with this little memo app and glad that I got it.

You can get it in the Play store on Android Here. Google Evernote for other platforms.

Greetings from the Grotto

Behind the Twisted Veil

weeping-3332113_640Karen_Nadine on Pixabay

Nothing like an illness to put damn near an entire community on its butt 3 weeks before our Annual Masquerade.

See, we are not used to human illness, didn’t think we could get anything from humans, but apparently some of the illnesses that humans have can mutate and affect us.

Makes me wish we could just go back home. We never had anything like this happen before now so I don’t know what’s going on. The elders and our healers were very confused and a bit scared because we lost a few of our older elves because of this nonsense.

So between this sick stuff and the deaths, I have not been up to or really ABLE to talk to you all. I truly hope you understand. I shall start posting things about the upcoming masquerade, and about our community here in the next day or so…

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