August is looking at being a extremely busy month for me. First thing is that one of Serena’s stories is being released on YouTube at Ether Realms. Go ahead check out the channel. Like, subscribe!

Second, I have opened up a storenvy. I am slowly adding stuff. Check it out!

Third, I am setting up a studio space for my art. It will be very time consuming, but it will allow me to be more organized.

Something that is coming up soon is I was accepted for the fall edition of the Creatives Rising E-zine! More information on that is upcoming.

I have released Poetry kisses. Again you can find it here.

Serena’s Rust, gore, and the Junkyard Zombie is available here!

Want to support my poetry or my art? I have a Patreon! Exclusive gifts for the ones who support me! It’s Here.

I will be posting reviews of books that I have read here at least monthly (though I hope to do it weekly.) At the end of the review will be the link to the book on Amazon. It will be an affiliate link.

I have been doing a few “Live ” videos on Facebook where I read my poetry. I am not sure if I will be changing the format to allow me to post it elsewhere easier… But I am thinking about it. I may do a YouTube channel of my own.

Serena has been working on the second zombie apocalypse novel. Current eta is sometime early 2020. But it may change. The title for it is Life, Guilt, and undeath.

Keep an eye here for details as they happen.

Also I had a curiosity…. What topics would you the reader like to see me discuss?

Serena is considering adding one short story a month to the blog rotation.

That is all of the news for now….


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