Professional vs hobby

I have been working on going through my poetry volumes (also did Serena’s novella and her novel). I have been updating covers, double checking layout, spelling and grammar. Now, I published all of them… So I should have been doing very little… And for the newer ones… I have been doing less. I was an indie publisher from the get go… But I really had no clue what I was doing. I designed my covers but I didn’t have access to the tools that I have now. I have learned. I have grown.

The first image is the first cover, the second is the newest. Just because I was not knowledgeable doesn’t mean that I approached publishing as a hobby. Hobbyist, in my opinion are the ones who don’t actually put in any effort to improve how they do things.

I have two more volumes of poetry…Music for the soul and soul’s door. I think that I am finally happy with how they look. I think that I will put off the cleanup/ refresh of my kids books until December as November is shaping up to be very busy.

What is the difference between pro and hobbyist to you?


3 thoughts on “Professional vs hobby

  1. I’m definitely in the hobbyist category – not trying to publish or get income from my blog. Where the line might be for those who do try to monetize their work, I’m not at all sure. In the case of a small business, for tax purposes, if you don’t make a profit within five years, the IRS says it’s a hobby (expenses not deductible), but for creative work, I don’t know the rules.


    1. In that case the IRS would see me as hobbyist. I have been publishing since 2012, and writing for far longer. Still learning how to market myself and my work. I have a hard time pushing my self as a worthy to buy thing. So I do better shoving everyone else’s writing into the public eye. 🙂

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