Thursday Triple Thud

Three days of insomnia has me Maudlin and Derpy…and oddly enough it has made me more productive. I have been writing more in the last three days than I have a month prior. I feel like my brain is on fire…and it is not necessarily a bad thing. I was starting to worry….2019 has not been seeing much writing from me. I had ideas…folders full. It was not a lack of ability, or ideas. Ability never leaves. Not truely, though we sometimes feel like it has. It is similar to the question of whether you would want to have talent or skill. I have, I think, broached that topic on this blog before.

No, my issue was something broader. I couldn’t seem to create. I was in a fog. I could write, but it was like pouring molasses out in winter. Last year I was writing like a madwoman. Poetry and novel both were going out well. It was colder and felt like winter last year. This year it has been muddy and wet, and I have been feeling it. I am a spring child. I love my cooler temps, but I hate the deep cold of winter. I have not had the winter I was expecting. It feels like I am whining.

So, three days ago I sat in front of my computer. I usually do my writing on my phone. The computer is for editing and layout usually. I just wanted to try something different, hoping to snap myself out of the funk. Routine is often a writer’s best tool…I am the exception to that. I get panicky over routine. I obsess over it. Which takes away productivity. So, I was trying to put some randomness back into my writing. I chose a story that I had barely touched. Something I have less invested in. So if I failed in writing it would not hurt Serena’s Life, Guilt and Undeath. I got a little over a thousand words written. Suddenly, Poetry and stories were flowing.

Then my brain wouldn’t shut down. It was like I had to make up all of the time I had lost. So today I am tired. This wasn’t what I planned to post, but for the life of me, I cannot remember what I did have planned. I hope to sleep tonight, but I will settle for just relaxing today. I will be doing more writing. I think I will put the computer in a rotation to make the writing easier. I use evernote for most of my writing anyway, and I have it on my computer to make things easier.

Nothing I can do about the insomnia, it happens often enough. I can control my writing though, to some extent. I can seek to improve my craft, make it easier for me to do what I need to do.

Fridays, I usually do writing advice on my Blog, Instead I will be posting a couple of word games to give my brain a break. So, I will leave you with a question. What do you do for routines? What can you do to improve your outlook, or your craft?


Wednesday wacko

*image acquired from Google all rights to its owner.

I apologize for missing yesterday… Life hit a little harder than I expected yesterday. Nothing major, just a whole lot of little stuff that knocked me into overload. It happens, probably far more often than it should.

So I wanted to go lighter with my blog today to lighten my own mood. Monday night my boyfriend surprised me with a dozen lovely white roses.

It was just for the smile he knew it would ellict in me. He could have gotten red, but I prefer the more unusual. Yeah, I know white isn’t that unusual but it is not what everyone else would want.

I posted that picture on my Instagram with a poem inspired by it. (go look.) Now I can sit in my dining room enjoying the beautiful smell. I think that I will press one of the flowers.

The winner of the drawing I do with my newsletter gave me an interesting challenge. I have a games section in my Tea party that goes out every Friday. If you at least attempt to play with me via email you get entered in a monthly raffle. The winner is given an option, a handwritten poem or a drawing or a digital art personally done by me. (So if you have a favorite poem by me or want me to draw something specific for you… Join my Tea party and play with me.) You can get up to three entries a month. Anywho, the winner for February asked me for something that I am looking forward to drawing. January also chose a drawing.

I am nervous about an event I am doing on the second. I will be setting up a table at a local community fundraiser to sell my resin and jewelry pieces. The event happens on the first Saturday of each month. People gather and set up tables of wares to sell. The community center sells hot dogs to raise funds to stay open. My nerves were already bad, but the co-ordinator did not help. She told me that there was already two selling jewelry supposed to be there. If this actually pulls off I have been thinking about going to a local flea market and doing a table. I have to convince my nerves not to bolt. Wish me luck.

Well, now that I have been all over the map, what do we do? Oh… Well I guess we can make paper hats…. directions here

And off we go again. Cya tomorrow.

Poetry Monday

Remember when I saw that I know many talented poets? Here is a wonderful poet, D. Gabrielle Jensen.

D. Gabrielle Jensen is an artist of many mediums but words are a life-long passion. A traditional Bachelor’s degree education in English and Creative Writing from Colorado State University-Pueblo led to more than a decade as a freelance web content creator, music reviewer, author, and poet. When she is not writing, she is bringing art to the world through cosmetology, jewelry design, and photography. She loves things that begin with the letter “C” – coffee, cats, conversation, cities, concerts, crowds, chaos – and things that don’t – airports, traveling, other humans, macro photography, urban decay, macro photography of urban decay, the beauty of flaw.

Check her out on her website!

Thursday thud.

I have nothing to offer you today or tomorrow. I am sorry. This week has wiped me out. I have been under the weather for nearly two weeks. Nothing serious… Just generally sick. Then Monday Joe had to get an scope from both sides to see what is going on with his health. My angel has a weird mass in the bone of her left jaw and she was sick last week with the stomach bug that I have been dealing with. She had surgery yesterday to biopsy that mass. All told I am wiped. Add in my grandson being sick and me unable to go see him… And this writer has no words. So please forgive me. Blog will be back Monday, I have another poet spotlight planned.

Tea party Tuesday.

Well… I had a guest blogger planned. Due to illness, that fell through. So I was thinking about what to do today… And I realized that every great party has music. My own music tastes are all over the place. I love classical, rock, country and pop. I enjoy the smooth jazz, r&b, and hip-hop. Give me a good blues or some bluegrass. Metal and the soft japanese drums. Yeah, i just love music.

So what is your favorite songs? Post me a link! I may pick one of the links to send a handwritten copy of a poem to.

Monday Poetry

So I have many poet friends. Today I thought I would introduce you to another poet.

Deedra Nichole is an indie author, artist, and illustrator that has built a career out of publishing her own dark and mysterious works, as well as mentoring and supporting other upcoming indie authors through her website, blog, and Facebook writing group. Dedicated to expanding her own repertoire of novels and poetry collections, she explores themes of the tenebrous and enigmatic, the mystifying and hidden. Join her today on this journey into the unknown!

Deedra Nichole