Guest Blog: Tish Macwebber on Inner Demons

Inner gremlins. A term we have all used or heard referred to in your life. Whether from the Bible, and the story about Doubting Thomas, or in your life, self-doubt is a common theme in the current world. Doubt doesn’t relate to authors only. Insecurities can even impact more areas of your life if you don’t go below the surface and dig up the root of the problem.

Imposter Syndrome Let’s get one thing straight, right off the top. Imposter syndrome only lives inside your head. A seed of doubt is nasty, planted in your brain because of past failure in your life. It can take root because you are trying something new which hasn’t exceeded your own expectations yet. You are not doing yourself any favours if you feed this seed. This seed of doubt is a parasite, and it doesn’t grow with water and soil. The seed of doubt gains its nourishment from a person’s fears and negative energy. The more you feed the seed, the harder it is to break free from its grasp.

You are not a fraud. Read this line out loud as many times as you need to. You are a unique individual who can absolutely do anything. As a disclaimer, I will strongly suggest that we colour between the lines here, and keep our dreams within the laws, and within the realm of possibility. Creatively, take those dreams and stretch them beyond what you thought was possible, and push a little farther to see what you can do.

You can do anything! Realistically, anything you want to do, especially if you are pushing your boundaries, will test your limits. Plans will not always work the way you dream them. Consistency and persistence are how to keep progressing. Jump a little to the left occasionally. Diversions make skipping back onto the right sublime. The more you trust in what you want as an outcome, the better it feels when you arrive at the destination.

Failure is not the end. As a jewellery designer, this is so important to remember. I have learned on my own that not every design works how I imagine them. I am half Scottish and half French. This provides me with an interesting background to bring to the creative table. It means I want the very finest of everything, but I wish to spend next to nothing to get the best of it all. This applies to my creativity. I prefer my jewellery to look picture perfect and waste no supplies while creating that a new piece of Bling. The result doesn’t always work out as I design. When it does, I am thrilled. When it doesn’t, I have to adapt the plan to try again. If I gave up, the potential would evaporate.

Deal with Trolls Bullies think they can hide within their anonymity on the internet, to harass people. I treat each encounter as they arise. I give one warning. If they are not heeding of it, I block them. I no longer have time or energy to feed their inner demons while conquering my own gremlins. I am focusing too much on my progress and growth to dance with someone else’s insecurities. When you break it down, bullies are cowards who are hiding behind their own insecurities, trying to bring others down to their own level. Misery loves company. I prefer the company of my friends.

Choose your path wisely. If you stray from the path, it is okay. Remember, when you carve in a different direction, cross your own main pathway every so often. This helps you to maintain your focus to the bigger goal. Small goals are important, but they are especially impactful if they can combine them all for a larger one.

In summary, everyone has dealt with self-doubt, no matter what name is referenced. It can be a crippling parasite if you feed it. The good news is that you can overpower and even eradicate it when you decide to. It really is up to you. You determine who to listen to, who you surround yourself with, and how you react to failure and negativity. There is only one expert in your life on you, and it isn’t anyone else. Be you. Shine and laugh. Be the person you know you are rather than the person you fear you aren’t.

About our guest.

Tish Mac Webber’s writing is her purpose, creativity is her passion, and jewellery designing is her pleasure.
She is the author who is Always Thinking… the jewellery designer who is Always Blinging…and her superpower is always being full of surprises!

#Tishspiration, her latest creation, is defined as the art of surprising yourself. She is inspired by the ocean, especially where the Atlantic Ocean kisses the beaches of Cape Breton Island, where her own story began.

Tish MacWebber, Always Blinging… her jewellery designing business is the latest addition to her website. Her specialty is creating one of a kind, custom designs for her clients. She loves to delight her customers with her interpretations of what they order, staying true to her gifts of being full of surprises, and putting her talents to full use.

In October 2018, her first book, From Where I am Sitting… A Collection of Cat Tales was published and is available on Amazon. It will be accompanied by her Limited Cat Tales Jewellery Collection, which will debut on her website in 2019. Tish MacWebber is currently writing her second book, where she will explore her concept of #Tishspiration. She is currently working as a freelance writer for hire. You can find more information about these and other projects at Tish MacWebber


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