Friday prompts

Today I am doing poetry prompts.

1) weapons

2) Injuries

3) ladybugs

4) hair


6) scams

7) pets

8) shoes

9) memories

10) sewing

Comment your poetry or email to to be featured on my Monday poetry. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Thursday thoughts

This week has been a personal mess. So I have been trying to think of topics for upcoming blogs. April will be a huge poetry push. I will likely be posting not only my own poems but I think that I will be posting some of my favorite pieces from poets of the past with information about the poet. Note that I will be sure to credit the poets for their work. Even if most are no longer with us.

I always do writer’s digest poem prompts in both April and November. I am going to try to post the poems with links to the prompts through the month. It is also time for camp nano. I think Serena will be continuing to work on Life, Guilt, and Undeath.

We have decided to do as the first audiobook Bedtime tales: the princess lost. It will give me a smaller recording to start with. I have to record it, and then work on editing the audio until I think it worth publishing. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist where my published books are concerned. I try to give my readers the best material that I possibly can. Most authors that I know are. I will be posting the link as soon as I have it for the audiobook version of each of the books.

So what would you like to see as far as topics here? Is there a poet who you want to see my favorite poem of?

Talking Tuesday

I got a late birthday present from my mom. She waited until she visited two weeks after my birthday to find out what I wanted. Honestly I can blame my Aunt for the choice of gifts. My aunt read Serena’s Zombie… And just discovered Audible. She asked why I was not doing audiobook options. I explained that the set-up for audiobooks was slightly out of my price range. Mom had me look at the cost again. Turned out that Amazon had a really nice Microphone that was within her budget. She ordered it immediately. It came in yesterday. Now I have to decide which book to start with.

Poetry is a fun option for audiobook. So are the kid’s books. Serena’s Death of Neverland or Zombie are both needing the treatment. And Draft 2 digital works with audible and all of the other places to get audiobooks. I will have to learn about the recording process.

Tell me which book you think that I should do first? I plan to do all of them eventually.

Thankful Thursday

Tomorrow will be absence from me, and I will explain. My mother and two of her sisters are coming Saturday to visit me. I have been sick, so my house needs attention. I feel crappy still, but I have to get it to where I won’t be as embarrassed. I have not gotten to see my aunts since I was a teen, and it has been a couple of years since I saw my mom. So I am fairly certain that they are not coming to see my house. Still, I can do that last minute sweep and straighten.

I debated, with all that I have going on today about just sliding into next week. I really considered it. I decided that I would be letting everyone down with out at least explaining.

I think that I am thankful for all that the blogging and writing have brought me in my life. And I am always thankful for family. So I leave you today with a question. What are you thankful for?

Tuesday Tea Party

To be honest I have nothing to post today. So I thought I would ask questions about my readers. Tell me what you would like to see on here. Who are you? What is your interests? Do you like poetry? Do you prefer stories? Where are you located? (In general, not specific. Safety first here.) Do you like music? I love music. Do you have any specific song you are listening to right now?

I would love to hear more about those who are reading what I write. It will help me to know what I need to post. I struggle with what to post sometimes. Sometimes it feels like I am just rambling to myself. The likes on my posts make me feel like at least someone hears me.


It’s that time again, Creatives Rising is preparing for the spring release. It is a wonderful E-zine made for creatives by creatives. It is the first issue that I was not able to contribute to, but I am still looking forward to seeing what they put together. I am subscribed, are you? If not use the link below… You won’t regret it. This E-zine is always amazing.

To subscribe, click here:
Thank you!!!