Attack of the plot bunnies!

As with most authors… I have more ideas than I will ever be able to write. Sometimes having such a potent imagination is a bit of a curse. So, what is there to do when your mind is overrun with the bunnies?

First, I recommend that you keep your writing projects to no more than two active at a time. I realize that most people recommend that you keep only one active. I think that it is easy to burnout if you push forward with a project that is not flowing. By having a second project, you have a small ability to swap off as the need arises.

Second, keep a note of the ideas as they come. Yes, write them down! You will forget them. Trust me. I have been dumb enough to believe that I didn’t need to do this. Much to my regret.

Visit the ideas list periodically to find the next project. It really is that simple. I also tend to do that with poetry prompts. What will not work one day may work to inspire another day. Inspiration sparks different depending upon the day.

So, where do you hide your ideas? Mine are all on digital notes. 😊


2 thoughts on “Attack of the plot bunnies!

  1. Most of my ideas remain in my head until committed to (virtual) and, sometimes actual paper. At present I’m working on producing a selected poems, pulling together some of those published on my blog, together with others which appear in e-book and paperback format. Best wishes – Kevin

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