Writing poetry

So, In preparation for this post… I searched Pinterest looking for ideas for what to tell you about writing poetry. I found a lot of technical information. And if you need that sort of thing it is easily found on Google. I didn’t want to be just another person telling you what you can easily find.

Instead, I think that I will talk about the stupid stuff that seems to be overlooked. The stuff that I had to learn. Yes, you don’t have to listen. Can you ignore this? Sure. It is just what I have picked up in a lifetime of poetry.

  1. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to follow rules with poetry! Poetic license is a thing… However, I have found that you should at least know what the rules are. Still, poetry is the truest expression of who you are.
  2. Punctuation. When the reader is reading the poem, punctuation tells them when to pause. This increases the impact of the poem.
  3. Don’t be afraid to try new styles. I write free verse most often. However, that is not all of what I have written. It is good to challenge yourself to do more technical styles so your writing can grow.
  4. Write at least one per day. The more you write, the easier it becomes.
  5. Don’t be afraid of rejection. The other day I recieved one and a friend consoled me. What he said really resonates with me. He said that the lit magazine that I had submitted to was not good enough for my poems. You can have amazing poetry and the places that you submit to will not accept sometimes. It happens to all of us.
  6. You are the best writer that your poetry can have. You will know when it is done and what words to use.
  7. Spelling is important. Misspelled words and a lot of archaic words make the poem look unprofessional. Same thing with a bunch of slang(ie bae, yeet, on fleek) as these words are often not understood by everyone.
  8. Imagery is so important… However it is quite possible to do poetry with out similes or metaphor. It merely requires better imagery in the poem itself.
  9. Not everyone actually likes poetry. Seriously, it is such a wonderful form of expression… But there is people who just dislike it. Some because of how poetry makes them feel. Some because it seems too intellectual to them. That is okay. Your reader is not those people, even if they are people whom you love.
  10. You don’t have to share unless you want to. Poetry is often such a personal thing. Sharing feels vulnerable. So if you just wanna write for you? It is perfectly fine.

If you decide to write, and you decide to share.. Email me. I will be featuring the best on my Monday poetry posts.

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