Deedra Nichole

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Hey everyone! Sorry for the lateness but sickness and migraines are running amok. On to our Creative Spotlight!

Meet Deedra Nichole. She is a multi-talented creative. She paints, does photography, digital art, sews, and crotchets. She told us she was born a creative and that her mom taught her art.

She told us that she became an Indie Artist because she wanted to leave a piece of her behind for others and she loves the ease and control she has creating her work. When dealing with any kind of creative block, she told us she either takes a nap or takes a break from the work and comes back to it later with a fresh mind.

In her free time she crochets, knits, does watercolor artwork and draws. She lives in Kentucky and will be, with her two beautiful daughters, combining their family with her soon-to-be husband and his three…

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Mike Guzman

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Welcome to today’s Author Spotlight, Mike Guzman! He has been writing fantasy and sci-fi off and on since high school and writes mostly short stories and is working on his first novel.

He told us that his love for fantasy/sci-fi and his friends that are Indie Authors is what has inspired him to write.

When he is not writing and working, he loves to play video games, tabletop games, reads anime/manga and comics, loves to watch fantasy and sci-fi movies, and of course loves to read.

When asked about if he gets writer’s block and how he deals with it, he responded with “Who doesnt? Sometimes I have to wait it out until something just hits me.”

He does not have a website yet and he lives in NC with his wife and their kitty Boots.

Mike Guzman

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Layout is life draining

So, ink splashes is in review for the E-book formats. I have been working for the last hour to try to get the paperback settled. Ebook layout is so different than the paperback. It is just simple things that keep hanging up the process. You can literally have it perfect in a pdf or doc format and then when you check the preview it is not even close.

And as I was typing this I finally got the paperback into review. It generally takes 24-72 hours to get into published state. As soon as it is I will post release day links.

Now onto layout for Under the Mists.

Thursday Truth

Hi. Alot to cover today…and I am struggling with a migraine, so please forgive me for typos that may occur. Yesterday, I finished writing the poetry for Ink Splashes. I also started the next volume. The title of the next volume is Whispers of the Muse.

I will be working on edits and layout this week. Then next week I should be releasing Ink Splashes. I am also working for Fae Corps this week on the anthology we are releasing, Under the Mists. We have a Publication Date of July 26. We are in the layout/final edit stage there as well. I will tomorrow be posting the promo images we have for Under the mists instead of writing tips due to how covered over in work I am. The last full week in July should also see the release of the summer edition of Creative’s Rising.

I am hoping to next thursday do a release day link page. That is going to require some major layout work this week. I do not know if I will be able to get it done in time. I am going to attempt..I will likely be posting poetry from former volumes for Monday. That saves me from worrying about writing new for it. I will note which volume the poem can be found in.

Thank you all for your support. Now I am going to hide away from the light, as my head is trying to explode.

Pay It Forward Thursday- June 27, 2019

Go Dog Go Café

The baristas at Go Dog Go Cafe are big fans of Pay It Forward Thursdays. We think it is a great opportunity to give a shout-out to another writer who has wowed us or creatively inspired us. It a great way to share the love and pass it on to the readers. It also becomes a great pool for excellent reading stuff by your fellow readers of the WordPress community.

You are invited to post one link to one specific post of poetry, short story, or flash fiction, 300 words or less please, from someone else’s blog in the comments below.

Happy reading!

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Author Spotlight : DW Storer

Fae Corps Inc

Today we feature D W Storer.
Author and poet
Born October 1966 in Mitcham , Surrey – currently residing in Exmouth, Devon

He is quoted saying

– Even the most ordinary can lead to the most extraordinary inspirations -as a writer he tends to mix prose and verse to illustrate scenes , moods, emotions-works range through the spectrums of dark nihilism, paganism, humour, and even children’s poetry books.

He is Heretical in religious views, pagan, lover of classical history and forteana. He prefers classical music and jazz.

His published works – all available on Amazon

The Key of the Storm
Poems Without A Home
The Recusant Who Never Recanted
The Myth of Age And Time
Over The Seas and Far Away

For children – the Blue Ted’s Adventures series

Blue Ted’s Seven Sleeps ‘Till Christmas
Blue Ted’s Easter and Other Tales

Blue Ted’s Seaside Adventures
Blue Ted’s Halloween Adventures


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