Story Ideas….

*image obtained from Google for inspiration only.

From Serena-

So I was reading various things on tumblr… Just for fun. And the suggestion was made that perhaps Medusa always had the snake hair and scales. This got me thinking of her as a possible antihero… So I did a start. Just a teaser if you will. Let me know what you think. If it is well received I will have to try and finish it.

His hand raised, ready to strike, caused her to look away. After a few moments of no pain, Diana dared to look up at him. He was still in the same place, oddly it looked as though he had not moved at all. The light was poor in their home, still Diana could have sworn he was grey instead of his natural tan skin. After a moment more she dared to reach out to touch him.
Shocked at how cold and solid he was, Diana quickly pulled her hand back. Diana turned to see if she could determine the reason for this change. Standing in the doorway was the most beautiful person she had ever laid eyes upon. Long legs covered by an iridescent sheen. A leather skirt that barely covered to her knees. The stranger had a sword, and a dagger hanging from her waist, giving an even more aggressive feel to the lean, muscular frame. The stranger had all the curves that men seemed to want, and none of the modesty that ladies are expected to have. Her large bust was loosely covered by a leather wrap that quite matched the skirt she was wearing. The doorway was too dark to make out the features of the face, but Diana was easily able to see the hair.
At Diana’s startled gasp, Medusa softly whispered. “ Do not fear. I will not harm you. I only am here to rescue you. Gather your things! I will take you somewhere that is safe so you can live freely.” Her snakes were slithering around her face and head slowly as she spoke.


3 thoughts on “Story Ideas….

  1. That has potential. Come to think of it, it seems odd that the creators of super hero characters have overlooked her. Maybe it is because in the popular treatments of the Greek stories have her painted as a villian or a monster to be destroyed.

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