Creative Spotlight : Jess @Studio Reece

Fae Corps Publishing

Today I want to tell you about this wonderful creator… She works with clay, and paint, and multimedia art. She has a couple of coloring books available on amazon! She has made some incredible handmade journals and dice towers.

We asked her when she stared to create, and her response was exactly what I expected from someone as creative as her! She told us “As long as I can remember, I have needed to MAKE things.”
When asked what or who got her started, her response was “All the women on my mother’s side are amazingly talented and creative.”
We asked why did she choose to be an Indie Artist and her answer was perfect, she said “”I love to create” sounds trite, but it’s just true. There is something deep in my soul that calls to me every moment of every day to make something new in the world…

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