Faery Footprints

So I normally do poetry on Monday. Well this is still on topic. My publishing company Fae Corps is doing a poetry collection. I thought that I would share details with all of you.

Information :

1.) What is Faery Footprints?

It is a collection of 100 of the best poems that we were able to find. It is the second anthology published by a indie press.

2.) What’s the catch?

No catch. No fees. We will be accepting poetry sent via email to Faecorpspublishing@gmail.com until the September 30, 2019 deadline. Send the poetry in a doc file as an attachment in the email.

3.) What is the topic?

Well, obviously the topic is what you feel like writing. We want good poetry, the best that you have. If you choose to write about faeries then cool, but it is not a required topic.

4.) What about previous published?

We are fine with previous published as long as you give us that information so that we can credit it. (As long as you still have publication rights).

5.) Oh, yeah that reminds me… What about copyright?

With Fae Corps, we do everything possible to assure that the writer retains their rights. We will have a contract allowing us the ability to publish the work that you send in this volume. That is all we are looking for.

6.) What is the compensation for this ?

We are sorry, at this time we are only able to offer contributers copies.

7.) What is the limits on the submissions?

Up to 5 poems each person with a Maximum of 100 words. We do not limit style. If you want your poem in a certain layout… Please state such in the email.

8.) So how will I know if my poem made it?

The first week of November, my fellow editor and I will be going through the submissions. I have been trying to make sure that we send a receipt for each email. By the second week we will be sending out responses.

9.) What if I don’t do poetry?

We have another anthology that we are working on… Go here.

10.) What if I am uncertain about my writing?

Send us your poetry anyway… My partner and I will try to give you feedback. And any poetry that does not make it into the collection has a chance of being featured on our blog.

What could it hurt to reach out and try?

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