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Have you submitted for Faery Footprints? Today is the deadline! Remember send up to 5 poems in for the anthology as a Doc file in email to

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Prompt and submission call

Fae Corps Publishing

Faery Footprints deadline is the 30th. Have you submitted to be in it? Remember – up to 5 poems. Doc format in email to subject faery footprints

No fee. Best 100 poems submitted will be published in our upcoming anthology Faery Footprints.

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Who am I

Writers gather their characters from various places. Some look at people in their own life, some try to create ones opposite of the people they know.

By nature, a writer is a people watcher. It helps to get descriptions and ideas.

Personally, I think that people watching should start with the mirror. Who am I? Look into your own personality traits, character flaws, desires, and fears. That gives you an idea of how to write a character. Practice describing you. Do a “character” sheet for you. In an attempt to show you what I mean… Here is a character sheet for me.

Name : Patricia Lynn Harris

Nickname /preferred name: Patti

Eyes: Chocolate Brown

Hair: natural dark brown /nearly black though she often colors it in shades of purple. Wears it between short and slightly more than shoulder length.

Height 5’2

Weight 290

Body shape pear

{Here is where you decide how in depth you want the sheet to be}

Birthplace – _________

Home – ____________

{Obviously I don’t feel personally I need those}

Strengths: Intelligence, flexibility, resilience, creativity

Flaws: Lazy, chronically ill, sloppy, physical weakness

Fears: severely claustrophobic, mildly Agoraphobia, Acrophobia

Personal descriptors: pacifist, feminist, pansexual, ptsd

Abilities : program in c#, draw, write, paint, resin, jewelry design, digital art, cover design, crotchet, needlepoint, networking, computer literacy, storytelling, sewing, piano, teaching, editing, publishing

Yeah, this is all very dry information. It gives you a skeleton to work with. Then you can take it and create an image of your character. Here’s what I see…

She was not your typical shut in. Patti was creative, and used that creativity to test her boundaries. Her dark eyes sparkled as she made the characters come alive. Running her hand through the lavender hair, she grumbled her frustration about the story not coming easy.

Though she had other projects awaiting her attention, this story was pulling at her. The self imposed deadline gave a reason to avoid doing the housework that she so wanted to avoid.

See how a few dry facts turn into a short and interesting scene? Do that with you and see what you can do. Then expand until you have a good character collection to work from. It will make character development second nature. (Also remember… Villains are characters, too)

Thursday Read with Me

I know that I usually do the tea party on Thursday, that is going to happen still. I also want to add a read with me. This is where I review books for you. I will not guarantee how often I will post read with me.

Today I will be talking about Diana Gabaldan’s Outlander. It is the first book in a series.

About the book:

Outlander is the first in a series of eight historical multi-genre novels by Diana Gabaldon. Published in 1991, it focuses on the Second World War-era nurse Claire Randall, who travels through time to 18th century Scotland and finds adventure and romance with the dashing Jamie Fraser.

My two cents :

To be honest I fell in love with the characters. She obviously researched the setting, the period, the medical uses of herbs. It is well written. It flows very well. The reader feels like they are watching it.


My challenge :

There is a television show that is based upon the book. It is missing some of the details. I challenge you to read this book and then decide if you can walk away from the series. I couldn’t. I have read it multiple times now.