Thursday Tea Party

Today is two days of less sleep than necessary… So today I am drinking monster (I love the ultra violet zero). Add in the passing of someone I once knew… Yeah, I think it is a good idea to do something different today.

I want to direct you towards a book I am currently obsessed with…. Winnie’s Courage(Back to Oz book 1).

It is a really good story that travels through quite a few lands of fantasy. The characters are strong. And it has a interesting view of quite a few favorite literary characters. And I am only half of the way through.

It’s by a fellow author, Jess Reece. Guys , I am so in awe of her! She writes amazing stories, she draws gorgeous art, she makes beautiful polymer clay stuff. She is so cool! 😍

Tomorrow, I will be posting another bit of Serena’s Kingdoms of Sin. It is coming along nicely.

Whispers of the muse is live on more places. The preorder for Inspiration Without a Home is still going on until the 30th. After that the link is the same to buy the book. You can still get Under the Mists, as well. Not a link post, just wanted to be sure that the most recent books get extra time in the light.

I have been getting a good bit of new followers lately. I want to welcome all of you. Please feel free to comment. I love interaction of any kind. Whether it always suits the post or not.

Don’t forget to check out the blog of Fae Corps Publishing. We are doing Daily prompts in September to celebrate the upcoming poetry anthology Faery Footprints. The deadline for submissions is the 30th. We are so excited for this, as the submissions so far have been amazing.

Sketchtember has been happening all over my social media. This year I am staying busy. Doing Sketchtember, Inktober, Nanowrimo. By December I am going to be tired. 😂

What would you like to see on this blog? I am flying by the seat of my pants here, so feedback would help me to keep the good stuff coming up.

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