Thursday Tea Party

Hello lovelies. Today I am having a blend of herbs in a tea. Which herbs you ask? Oh dear me… I seem to have forgotten most of them… My boyfriend makes it for me, so I only put them in my 🦉(yes my tea strainer looks like an owl) and drown the owl. I do know that he uses 5 different herbs. It has Lavender, Jasmine, and a small amount of Mandrake. Oh dear, I really have forgotten the other two. Well rest assured that it tastes like a miracle, and aids my pain meds(back and hands are extra sore today.

Well… A week into October… So much going on. My first post for coffee house writers is up. If you missed it, go here. Of course my Saturday post on here was filled with the links for my books, Serena’s books , and other places to find me.

Serena is definitely doing Nano this year. The link to her Nano page is Here. I will be doing the P. A. D. Challenge, as usual. Though I do not always use just the Writer’s Digest prompts, they usually have good ones. For the ones that want to try to follow along, or try the challenge themselves, the link for the section of the site is Writer’s Digest – Poetic Asides. It is a wonderful column regardless.

Serena has two projects to attempt working on. Kingdoms of Sin and Life, Guilt, and undeath. I believe that both are listed as active due to the desire to not allow writer’s block to slow down the momentum.

My craft studio is nearly together. We have moved most of the stuff in there, but I have still to organize and such. I have been considering doing a studio tour video. We have not gotten the electric fixed in it yet. One thing at a time, right?

With all that is going on in November…I don’t know if I can juggle everything. We will see. I may have to do a couple of less days here a week. It will depend upon my dexterity. I will be juggling a bi-weekly deadline for Coffee House Writer’s, a poem a day, an attempt at doing 1667 words in one or the other or both of Serena’s stories, homeschooling my daughter, and housework. Plus the blog and any art I can squeeze in. It is not going to be easy. So, I beg your grace ahead of time for missed posts. I will return to the normally crazy of this blog in December regardless. I am hoping that I will be able to juggle it all in November as well.

If I can I am hoping to get around to the children’s book I am working on in December. It is a middle grade story. Attack of Shoe Mountain. If I do then 2020 will be a huge year of publication for me. Both Serena and I have poetry being published in Fae Corps Publishing Faery Footprints. She is likely to have a story in the Through the Sunshine anthology. I am also hoping that at least one, if not both, of her W. I. P. novels will be published in 2020. I am usually publishing roughly 3 poetry volumes a year. If I can also add Aosm… Yeah 2020 will be a big year for me and mine. Though I might be publishing Beauty’s Tears in 2019 still. Depends upon the poetry muse. 😉

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