Author Spotlight : Cynthia Pilcher

Fae Corps Inc

Cynthia Pilcher grew up all over the Eastern and Midwestern parts of the US
due to her father being in the US Navy. She loved English and History all
through school, sang in the choir, and wrote short stories. She gave up writing when she joined the Navy, got married & divorced, had two kids, and met the love of her life in February of 2000. That year, thanks to the prodding of friends and her new husband, she started writing again. She is considered a multi-genre

writer. She is also a lover of books, steampunk, and is a gamer girl. She and her
bestie are Fae Corps Publishing. She just released a novel, A Royal’s Undoing,
in 2019.

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Author Spotlight : Andrew McDowell

Fae Corps Inc

Andrew McDowell has been writing since he was a child. He has written and published poetry, creative nonfiction,and is the author of the epic fantasy novel, Mystical Greenwood. He studied at St. Mary’s College and the University of

Maryland, College Park. He is a member of the Maryland Writers’ Association and an associate nonfiction editor with the magazine, JMWW. Visit his website and blog at to learn more about him and his work.

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Faery Footprints Author Spotlight – Serena Mossgraves

Fae Corps Inc


Serena Mossgraves is a twisted faery with the urge to scare the unwitting reader. Her dark tales of nightmares excite the unwary. She has been seen prowling around looking for new tales to twist and share. She is an avid reader who has always enjoyed the more gothic settings.

She has three poems in the Faery Footprints Anthology:

    1. The Mists of death
    2. Blood Drips
    3. Self destruct

If you are not afraid to seek her out she is on Facebook at Serenitys Fall and will gladly visit with you there.

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Faery Footprints Author Spotlight – Deedra Nichole

Fae Corps Inc


Deedra Nichole is an indie author with eight years’ experience in the indie publishing industry. She has taken her love of the industry and created Deedra Nichole Editing; a service that seeks to make editing affordable for indie authors.

You can find her at

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Faery Footprints Spotlight: Patricia Harris

Fae Corps Inc

Patti pic

Patricia Harris is a dreamer, crafter, gamer and digital artist who loves creativity in life. A half mad poet, her writing is found all over social media and various other websites, including coffee house writers. She is a devoted mom who can be found doing a variety of art when she isn’t penning poetry and writing words. She is half of the indie publishing company Fae Corps publishing. Her collection of writings include a memoir, children’s books, and poetry.

For more from Patricia, check out or

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💥💥💥Cover Reveal 💥💥💥

So my illustrator finished her work on my newest kid’s book. I am so excited about how well she did with the story. I am hoping to get it through the formatting and able to be preordered soon.

I am also working on formatting of Beauty’s Tears. I just finished with the format of Faery Footprints. It is up for preorder.

A decade in review

Wow. A whole decade. Doesn’t sound like much… Especially after you reach a certain age. Ten years ago I published my first volume of poetry. A Pocketful of Poetry was a dream my whole life. I did not like the idea that the publisher could change the words and appearance of my poetry. So, for me, it was something that had to be just a dream until I could do it myself. I looked into self publishing… And initially all that I could find was the pay as you print options. That is not how I wanted to do things. And along came Amazon with Kdp. Suddenly indie publishing was a more viable option. Suddenly I could have a dream come true.

In the interim, I have published a lot more books. Some as me, some as Serena. 3 kids’ books, 1 novella, 1 novel, 1 anthology, 1 memoir, and 18 poetry volumes. I have been published in several literary magazines. It is very surprising what can happen in 10 years.

On a personal level, I have moved from Oklahoma back to West Virginia. I have always been a West Virginia girl, so I was miserable in Oklahoma. I have lost a hundred pounds. I have become more confident about my art and myself.

So I am ready for all that the 20’s have for me. Are you?

Faery Footprints Artist Spotlight: Kira S.

Fae Corps Inc

Kira S. is an essentially new artist; living, loving, and mothering in the desert southwest. With no formal training, she only began creating original art to accompany her fiction writing. Now a weekly art contributor to a popular writing-prompt blog, Kira continues to let her wild imagination take the lead

She can be reached at

Or visit her website:

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New Years Week

I do not know what I will be able to do this week… New year’s day and all of the chaos involved may result in this blog being slow. We have some activity over on the Fae Corps Publishing blog. This week will be leading up to the release of Faery Footprints on the sixth. I am also about to start layout for both Dylan and the pet zombie & Beauty’s Tears. I want to try to keep up with the routine here, but I also am feeling slightly overwhelmed. So I may this week be less faithful to my schedule. I do have some wonderful things coming up for this blog. 2020 is lining up to be a very busy and full year.

Depending upon how things go with the first one, Dylan may end up as a series. There is definitely going to be more poetry volumes. I am hoping that Serena will have stuff to publish this year as well. Fae Corps Deadline for submissions to the light fae anthology is January 31 with an eye towards a May/June release. Already we have some amazing authors who have contributed. We will start doing spotlights on them in March/April. We are also discussing a November release/ September deadline for another anthology. We have not got the details mashed out yet… But it’s theme will be toxic family, abandonment issues, and holidays alone. Poetry, short stories and art. Once we are done with the release of Faery Footprints, we will be putting the details into a submissions call. This is just a small sneak peek into the upcoming Fae Corps stuff. I have signed up to be a part of a blog tour for the release of a wonderful book by a friend. I will be showing more of that very soon.

2020 is a year of change. I have already started a new habit. I do at least a five minute a day writing stint… I often do more, but on bad days when the muse is not as strong, I force myself to at least do 5. So I realized that I, by doing the habit, reinforce the idea that I am in control of my writing. I found that I need to do the same thing with my art. I am struggling with the blank page. I often do not know what to draw. Well I found an app for this. It is an app called Sketch A Day. It is for Android. It is just ideas. It gives me a prompt that I can do a sketch of. If you are interested in my sketches, I have a public Album of my drawings on Facebook that I am adding them to. (I will add to Insta when I remember.)

Tomorrow night instead of the Tuesday Tunes I have plans to do a decade in review post. It is likely to be interesting.