Thursday Tea

Hello lovelies! I am having a coffee day, but as I have been saying all along… The tea table has options.

My life at the moment has been so busy that I don’t have much of an update on writing…. Though I do want to remind everyone that the deadline for submissions to Through the Sunshine is tomorrow! I am going to be posting something in the Fae Corps blog as well. Remember that this is just for first drafts. We can only take the ones who get that first draft in under the deadline…

Life has been busy here. We finally got the contract to buy our house. And I have a birthday girl turning 16 next week. My suv needs to be taken in to get tires replaced. And we are still rehabbing a couple of rooms in the house. Add the stress of all of this and Dr’s appointments, and everything else… You can see why I have been doing less on the writing front.

I am hoping that things settle some in February and I can get Heart Drops written some. I have spoken with my illustrator about Dylan’s next adventure. She is having life hit her as well, so Dylan may not be able to get finished for a couple of months. I will keep you updated.

I am going to be trying to schedule Tuesday’s post as I am going to be spending as much time as I can with my day with my princess. 2020 is shaping up to be a very complex year for me.

Tuesday Tunes

Ale Benjamin – Let Me Down Slowly

Lyrics – This night is cold in the kingdom
I can feel you fade away
From the kitchen to the bathroom sink and
Your steps keep me awake Don’t cut me down, throw me out, leave me here to waste
I once was a man with dignity and grace
Now I’m slipping through the cracks of your cold embrace
So please, please Could you find a way to let me down slowly?
A little sympathy, I hope you can show me
If you wanna go, then I’ll be so lonely
If you’re leaving, baby let me down slowly
Let me down, down
Let me down, down
Let me down, let me down
Down, let me down, down
Let me down
If you wanna go, then I’ll be so lonely
If you’re leaving, baby let me down slowly Cold skin, drag my feet on the tile
As I’m walking down the corridor
And I know we haven’t talked in a while
So I’m looking for an open door

My 2 cents – to me this song speaks of loneliness and freedom.

Monday poetry

Today my newest poem on Coffee house Writers posts. The posting rules for Coffee House are slightly different for the poetry department. In the poetry department there are two types, the type I am is devoted to poetry and rarely post else. Coffee House is devoted to growth of their writers. So, the poetry department that I am a part of does a weekly assignment. A challenge if you will. The weeks that you post you are required to at least attempt the assignment, and to comment on other attempts. This way we grow, we learn.

I have written free verse my whole life. I am I think comfortable, overly so sometimes, with free verse. I love the lack of restrictions on my writing.

The poet ee cummings used a lack of following the syntax rules to separate his poetry from the mainstream. I am in no way comparing my poems to his, but it was an argument that I used in high school when the teachers wanted me to follow all of the poetic rules. I have learned the rules since, because it is easier to break rules if you know them. In high school though, I was not worried about the rules of what I was writing. It was a coping mechanism. I was writing pure emotional purge, without care of what I was truly putting into the world. It wasn’t until later, when I was safer, that I started to consider how to improve my words.

So I am thankful now to attempt the challenges to improve. A good many of them are new forms. As poets, we often stagnate in single forms because they become easy to write. (The reason why I have been taking on Haikus lately.) I hate stagnation. Poetry should be fresh. A new view.

This week the assignment was a Ghazal poem.From the internet search “Ghazal
(Pronounciation: “guzzle”) Originally an Arabic verse form dealing with loss and romantic love, medieval Persian poets embraced the ghazal, eventually making it their own. Consisting of syntactically and grammatically complete couplets, the form also has an intricate rhyme scheme. Each couplet ends on the same word or phrase (the radif), and is preceded by the couplet’s rhyming word (the qafia, which appears twice in the first couplet). The last couplet includes a proper name, often of the poet’s. In the Persian tradition, each couplet was of the same meter and length, and the subject matter included both erotic longing and religious belief or mysticism. ” I did not follow the rules exactly… Wouldn’t be my poetry if I did. I did however try to get the setup right. Tell me what you think, did I get it close enough?

©2020 Patricia Harris

Old stones sitting quietly,
places found most blindly.

Nature reclaiming,
places man lived.

Grasses growing freely,
ivy around everything you see.

Ancient things sleeping,
memories man is keeping.

Is resting continued,
when nature is what is new?

Teaser Tuesday: The Lost Mouse

My lovely redbird posted the story we have been working on together! 😍

Redbird's Storytime


Let me tell you of the adventure I just had. Orchid and a few of the other faeries keep telling me that adventure is dangerous. I haven’t been wanting to hear it. I am Pattimouse. I was born to see more than just the Grove. I just know it. Still the faeries are careful to keep us critters safe. They take great care of us. So I had to be sneaky. I decided to travel with the rangers. Birch has a bad habit of leaving his bag in the Tipsy Butterfly, so I decided to go for a ride.

Those rangers carry such big bags, it was easy to squeeze in. I figured I would pop up and be a help to them. Boy was I wrong. When the rangers march, they really move. So every thing in the bag gets mixed up. Including me! I was so dizzy!…

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