Monday Poetry

Usually I post my own poems on Monday… Though I have featured other poets. Today I am adding another layer to the possibility of Monday poetry….. A discussion of what poetry is. For me, it is part of who and what I am.

Poetry is something different to each person. It is I think often misunderstood. I have lost count of how many times people have said that they didn’t like poetry… The different forms of poetry so often are lost to time. Poetry is a broad umbrella. Songs and raps, these are both forms of poetry. They require a skill to write that not all poets possess.

A friend and I were having a conversation about some beautiful songs that she had written. Because they were not yet sung, she had been told that they were just poems… Which is both true and not true. I am a poet, but I cannot write songs. It takes a special ability to be able to write lyrics.

I write mostly free verse. I can do other types of poetry. Haiku, sonnets, slam poetry, etc… I am capable of writing other styles. I every now and then challenge myself to write in a structure that I am not used to.

Poetry is a personal form of expression. Every poet does their writing different. Some like my friend Michael who does the Haiku a Day, prefer the structure of a rigid poetry form. Some like me love the lawless freedom of free verse. There are so many versions of verse that you can write however you are most comfortable.

Not everyone is meant to write poetry, but poetry is not meant to be only for the elite. Even bad poetry is worth having in a world of so much suffering. So share with me your poetry! Let me read your soul.

©2020 Patricia Harris

Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme,

be in meter,  or keep certain time.
It doesn’t have to be flowery,
filled with love,  flowers and cheer.
The only thing that is for sure
Is poetry is a place for your heart
from which to outpour…

Poetry does not have to be shared
it can be written and then hid,
Shoved away into a drawer,
Given a time to mellow like wine.
Growing much finer given time.

Poetry can be shared,
spoken proudly and displayed.
Given to everyone in the light of day.
Put it on public display
Shout it out,
It’s all okay.

5 thoughts on “Monday Poetry

  1. I think “Frost’s” quote aptly describes my view of poetry, and I like this one from Leonard Cohen too,..
    “As a poet, sometimes we confuse ourselves,
    Trying to create ashes, instead of fire “

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