Singing a Song of Shadow

This year has been an incredibly difficult one. I have been working on writing this volume for most of this year. I finally finished with the writing and I have limited time right now to get it presentable. I had hoped to do it in November. However so that I have time for to make it shine… I think that I am going to do a December first release. I am always working on the next volume… so I thought that I would reveal the cover of the next one.

Look Forward to links and Information on Song of Shadow, For that is upcoming.

Nightmare Whispers

What is Nightmare Whispers? It is 3 volumes of short horror stories and dark poetry. It is the collected fears and darkness that lingers just out of the light. Why is there three volumes? Well that’s because we recieved more quality stories than we had room for in a single volume. It was admittedly us […]

Nightmare Whispers

Meet the Author Kari Leigh Sanders

Kari is a writer and editor with a taste for Dark Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Historical Fiction. Growing up in Narnia, Middle Earth, Wonderland, and Oz, she also dove into some of the darker worlds provided by King, Barker, Koontz, Lovecraft, and Gaiman, and then meandered over to Pratchett and the Discworld. She likes […]

Meet the Author Kari Leigh Sanders

Meet the Author Deedra Nichole

Deedra Nichole has been one of our authors since the beginning. She was in Under the Mists, Faery Footprints, Through the Sunshine, and now she is in Nightmare Whispers Volume One The Darkness Within, and Fae Dreams. We are working on a book release for her (We were supposed to release it this year, but […]

Meet the Author Deedra Nichole

Meet the Author Walid Abdallah

Walid Abdallah is an Egyptian poet and author. He is a visiting professor of English language and literature in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Germany and the USA, his poetry includes “Go Ye Moon”, ” Dream” and “My heart still beats” And has several translated poems which won prestigious prizes in the USA like “Cause”, “Egypt’s Grief”, […]

Meet the Author Walid Abdallah

Meet the Author Edward Ahern

Ed Ahern resumed writing after forty odd years in foreign intelligence and international sales. He’s had over two hundred fifty stories and poems published so far, and six books. Ed works the other side of writing at Bewildering Stories, where he sits on the review board and manages a posse of six review editors. Visit […]

Meet the Author Edward Ahern