Poetry By Jeremy

Caffine is a miniscule medic,
Offering promises of awakening to
Fateful minds which seek relief
From the shackles of
Exhaustion. Cups restore
Energy balance.

~ Shadow Acrostic, i.e. The first and last letter spell out the same word.

You can get a copy of my poetry book The A to Z of You and Me from Amazonor Kindle, amongst other stores.

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Productivity Faeries

So I am on almost all of the social media outlets…. Though it is hit or miss on some as to how often. Tumblr is not something that I am on quite as often…. And yes I use it for poetry not porn…. Lol. It has been the best for poetry prompts. I really like prompts, as it gives me a focus to help the muse.

I finished writing Word Petals, my latest volume of poetry. However, editing and layout will be putting the likely release in January. Still, It meant that I needed a new volume. So I put in play one of the titles that I have in reserve, Soul’s Door. The new volume is already started.

Rust, Gore, and the Junkyard Zombie is still in the first round of edits. We just moved in a new home so I have been very busy, and the edits have been back burnered a couple of times. It is a priority but I have to have things like coffee and clean clothes for my editing time.

The blog/newsletter that I am doing with my sister is up and doing well. We post at least four times a week, often more…. Makes me feel like I am neglecting this one, though I have even gotten better at keeping it up.

If you are wanting to find me on the various social media outlets…. I am pattimouse nearly everywhere. Or just comment and I will answer.

2017: Reflecting

I sat down to write this morning and realized that though this has been a rocky year personally…. It was a great year for my writing. I finished and published three volumes of poetry this year and am nearly done with a fourth. I put in play a pen name, Serena Mossgraves. As Serena I released a Novella (The Death of Neverland). I am nearly done with my first novel (Rust, Gore, and the Junkyard Zombie)… Just have to finish the editing, the writing is done. I have done several short stories and worked with two children’s stories. I also started collaboration with my sister on our Spiritual Gardening blog.

Looking it all over, it really does not seem like as much as it is. Still, it is more than I have accomplished before. With the end of the year nigh, I find myself looking back at the things that I wanted for 2017…and thinking ahead to what I want from 2018. I refuse to measure my life in regret, so I do not dwell on the things that went sideways. However, I do look at them and see what I can learn from what I have done. This year, though a personal hot mess, I was able to redirect myself back to my writing. I was able to make it a priority. That is behavior that I plan on continuing.

What about you? Was 2017 a good year? Why? What will be carried over into the new year?

Motivational ABC’s

Motivational ABC’s

*Not Easily Broken*

  1. In life always take ACCOUNTABILITY of your own actions.
  2. BELIEVE in yourself even when others do not!
  3. If you are blessed to wake up each morning CELEBRATE the blessing.
  4. DECLARE victory even when you have a hard time seeing it.
  5. Do not just EMPOWER yourself but EMPOWER others around you.
  6. Always have FAITH that every setback is preparing you for the breakthrough that is coming your way.
  7. “No pain, No GAIN!”
  8. You create your own HAPPINESS.
  9. Never stop IMPROVING on yourself!
  10. Bring JOY to everyone around you!
  11. KNOWLEDGE is power!
  12. RemainLOYAL to yourself!
  13. MASTER the art of happiness and positivity.
  14. Never allow your soul to be on life support, NURTURE it continuously.
  15. OPERATE out of love, never from fear or hate.
  16. PAMPER your soul as well as your heart.
  17. From birth we were all given the title of QUEENS & KINGS!
  18. RESPECT your mind, body, & soul.
  19. Raise…

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Where the Poetry Hides


By Patricia Harris

In the teardrops
Falling from the broken heart
In the flower
Dancing in the soft distant wind

In that crippling moment
Of self doubt profound
In the darkness of the heart
Growing by leaps and bounds

In the joy
Of the innocence
In the faith
Of a being above

Poetry hides in all
If you but look
So many poems
For endless books

Why women don’t tell

Teri Carter's Library

150318-stern-breakfast-club-tease_lztlzv In case you’ve forgotten, this is what 16 yr old girls look like. Credit: The Breakfast Club – 1985.


(This has been the most-read OpEd in Kentucky for the last week. It is not my writing. It is the subject-matter. This is an epidemic.)

When Beverly Young Nelson held her November 13 press conference about the abuses of Judge Roy Moore down in Alabama, I keyed in on her high school yearbook. I focused on that yearbook the way you focus on a bad car wreck, on the carnage, and I hit the “record” button so I could watch her entire story over and over and over again.

And yet, looking back, it was not her yearbook at all. It was the way Ms. Nelson talked about her neck, the way she described Moore pushing his hands on her neck, the force and the fear she felt, as he tried…

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