Broken concept

Ok… Let’s stop right now.  The use of the word bored. I had someone who I dearly love use this word recently and it stuck in my craw.  Boredom is a flawed concept.  There is always something that you can do to engage the mind.  As the parent of a very active pre-teen,  this is a lesson I have tried repeatedly to ingraine.  Money doesn’t have to be a block either.  Oh you are broke?  Is there a library or a park near you?  Well those are usually free. Nature walks allow time for contemplation. Also one could gather supplies to do simple crafts (easily found via the Internet…)  I am not saying crafting is for everyone. I did a I’m bored jar for my girl… Slips of paper to give her ideas.  If she said that she was bored then we would draw out a slip and do what was on it.  Not all were fun…

Here is some examples..

1. Sweep all of the floors in one room.

2. Play half an hour of a video game.

3. Read for thirty minutes.

4. Color one page in a coloring book.

5. Draw a picture…

6. Write a story /poem

7. Walk at least fifteen minutes,  take notice of all of your surroundings.

8. Do a craft… Any craft.

9. Listen to music and dance…

10. Write a letter to someone.

These are merely some possible ideas.  We play d&d,  so another option is to find a group of players and start an adventure.  Most libraries offer free Wi-Fi for card holders. There is many places to get free books for the Kindle app(which is available from the play store for Android,  not sure on Apple)…. Bookbub,  bookgorilla,  and a few others.  So even if you can’t do borrowing from the library there is a way for free books.  If you message a writer on Twitter or Facebook,  and offer to review for the chance to read it… Well some will be willing to do it.  Check your community for free events.  Home depot and lowes both have a craft each month that is free for kids.  I think that they also have ones for adults.   Saying that you are bored is in my opinion denoting a bit of a lack of imagination.  Let’s not have that!



What is art,
Smart and sublime.
Each eye views differently,
Both beauty and the divine.

An artist places in their work,
Heart,  soul and mind.
Only to hear an offhand remark,
Of how they should really try to find
Something to do with their life.
Some people are but so blind.

The poet pouring themself
Into the words on the page,
Knowing all along that not all
Will see the truth.

The painter who sees a darker view,
Is no less showing
Yet one more truth
That oft goes unseen.

My truth and thine,
Not always so mesh,
So when speaking of art,
No matter the kind,
Be aware always
The ego is but a fragile
Easily broken piece
Of the artistic soul.

Soap making — The Birchwood Grove Gazette

Why Make Soap at Home? While the process seems overwhelming at first glance, it is very simple, especially after you’ve done it once. Also, in less than an hour, it is possible to make enough soap for our family for months and months, and I was able to make soap for less than half the […]

via Soap making — The Birchwood Grove Gazette

Day thirteen

(Just an fyi…day fourteen may be late.  I have an event I am doing… a very public event selling my crafts… which is btw making me neurotic….. so I am not sure how up to anything I will be afterwards…. but I will do the blog asap. I promise.)


I am a stay at home sort. Hence the neurotic meltdown… lol. I really am introverted.  However I am wanting to make an honest attempt at seeing how my crafts sell… so my first ever event.  I have approximately 100 hair clips.  About 150 hook style earrings,  nearly a hundred post style.  About fifty pendants /necklaces. At least Six picnic utensil holders.  Some painted rocks. Some bracelets,  broach pins, keychains. Some clothes pin dolls. Aaaaand I feel like  I am not going to have enough to sell.  so I am making bookmarks to keep my sanity.  If you are anywhere near Keyser, WV on Saturday come see me. We will be in the south end park over by the tennis courts. There will be two food vendors,  face painting,  a bounce house.  There is quite a few vendors signed up. Potomac Valley Hospital is going to be having an event there too.


So don’t mind me….
I’ll just keep making and see y’all there.

Recycling to clear the mind

I craft a lot…and randomly. so walking into the hardware store and asking for wood glue and spray paint got me a odd look from the old man working there. I know how I look. I am pear shaped, short, and have short purple hair. I am, as  I have often been told, far from imposing. So I needed spray paint. I am making a utensil holder out of soda pop cans. mostly because i can, but also because it is something fun to do with my kid. Not that I need another project. I have a dozen on a shelf waiting for my attention. I am not so bad that i save everything that i can do projects with. However I do pick up random things that catch my eye to make various things with. Sometimes  I think I am a bit of a magpie. :3 what crafts do you do?

Lazy days and Tuesdays?

Normally i have a million of things i work on. Between writing and social media, games and housework, Parenting and crafts. This morning was no different. So this afternoon when I returned from running errands, I found myself feeling lazy. I didn’t want to do the normal social media. The games were less than attention grabbing.  Housework does need done, but finding motivation is always fun when it is work. I have some typing to do, and still some writing. I just find myself sitting here thinking how bored I am. I found myself in good company. A lot of my friends were having motivational issues today. I have heard of Lazy days and Mondays. Sundays tend towards lazy days often. However it seems to me I have never heard of Tuesdays being lazy days….I have stuff that needs done, writing just waiting for my attention. So I force the nose to the grindstone. My To-do list for the week is less than interesting for me at the moment. I have done some of the housework that seems to be constantly screaming for attention. I still have dinner dishes to do tonight. I have a vendor fair coming up in May (on the 14th in Keyser if you are interested) So i really need to work on my crafts. and all I seem to feel like saying Is…Not today.