Wordless Wednesday


Here ye!! here ye!!

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Tuesday tea party

I think that I am in a chatty mood. Tea parties are for chatting, right? Today I want to talk hobbies. What are some of yours, and do you think that a person can have too many? I honestly pick up a new one each year. I have writing, which is no longer a hobby but more of an occupation now. I have drawing and digital art. I have painting, both acrylic and recently obtained water colors. (I am still not certain how I feel about water colors). I have jewelry design and crafting. (I make some really adorable earrings.) I have resin crafting. I crochet, though badly. I am about to add bath bomb making as well. (It was my daughter’s birthday request. She wants to have a craft we can do together and she is interested in bath bombs.) Of course I have reading, but I really don’t see that as a hobby. I have gaming, both video games and tabletop. I run a biweekly game in D20 style. I have been running games since third edition D&D came out. Currently I run a mish mash of pathfinder and 3.5. I looked into fourth edition and yeah… It’s not for me. I have been looking at fifth. I’m not really impressed. I would love to hear your opinion.

I have been considering adding soap and candlemaking to my activities. I think it would be fun. I took a class 20 years ago in candlemaking. The teacher made it over complex. I remember that I enjoyed it though. I think that the new melt and pour soap bases and the inexpensive soy wax options make both activities easier for me to access. Now I just need to convince my boyfriend that I don’t have too many hobbies… Hmm he may be right though. What is your opinion? Is it possible to do too many crafts? I really want you to tell me about your hobbies, where is your passions?

Monday Madness

So I normally do Monday poetry… But I didn’t feel it this week. This week I wanted to be absolutely all over the place… Chat about phone wallpaper and fun nonsense. To be honest I have been needing a lighter tone the last few days. My mind has been in some weird places… New story ideas for Serena and she still has to finish the one she is working on. This week will be both of us settling in to write, and it scares me. I have been running away from the computer and writing since thanksgiving, letting the inner voice get to me. Poetry has happened. Poetry always will. It does not scare me as bad. I know that I have skill and talent there. The demons that eat at the mind there were slain a long time ago. The demons attached to the stories and the art… They still claw at the tender bits in the back of my mind.

See every artist, no matter what their medium is, faces those demons. That wee bit of our inner soul that tells us that we are not worthy. That we will never be enough. Some, like Vincent Van Gogh, fight with the demons and lose. Not because they were not amazing, but because the demons are strong. The call to art, to create, is unbearable. But not all create on the same level. I am no Van Gogh. But I sit and question if it matters? Can I create and just be Patricia Harris? Is that enough? Well I have decided that with my poetry, it is. Now I have to get to that point with each medium I use. Serena’s macabre tales, my own children’s stories, acrylic paints, resin and jewelry art, watercolor paints, digital art, and even simple pencil drawing. I seem to have an endless imagination. Just not the confidence to back it up.

And look at this… I was supposed to chat about lighter topics. I have two phones… One that is active and one that I use as a tablet… I change my wallpaper on both about once a month. How often do you change your background on your devices? Care to share your background? Here are mine.

I considered sharing my lockscreens, but as both devices are my grandsons pictures (2 boys, 2 devices) I don’t think I will. Though I am proud of both I limit who I share my boys with because of the bad people in the world. I share that with people I trust.

So, what are your demons about? And do you want to share your wallpaper?