A Trio of Coffee

Photo by Valeriia Miller on Pexels.com

Not only is my poem live on Coffee House Writers, but two of my best girls have new on there too.

My Poem: https://coffeehousewriters.com/the-puppeteers-strings/

My Girl Redbird’s Story part: https://coffeehousewriters.com/an-unconventional-love-story-part-iii/

And My Friend Tish’s : https://coffeehousewriters.com/jazzys-selfie-time/

So enjoy the read!

Calls For Submission

I decided to offer links to a few calls for submissions today. This has been such a busy week with release day coming up for both Through the Sunshine & Poetic Reminders that I am afraid I have gotten very little else done.

So we will start with the two Fae Corps has…Nightmare Whispers & Fae Dreams.

Then there are two more that I have come across in the last couple of days that I found interesting….

Burningword Literary Journal & Write of Passion both are looking for submissions right now.

then there is this list of 48 Writing Contests in June 2020 

I know that this is a small post for me…but it is highly packed with possibility….If you enter let me know. I am curious as to whether anyone will see this.

Tired Tuesday

I am an Introvert. I am slightly agoraphobic. I really only go outside to get supplies or to go to the doctors. So, I don’t understand most of the time, why people avoid being home. (Note that when I say outside…I consider outside to be beyond my fenced in yard.)

I don’t watch the news…for my own mental health…people tend to hurt other people in the news. My soul is bruised by just reading about it. So I avoid the headlines. My main source of information tends to be seeing something on social media and then following my own curiosity to find the truth.

I have been trying to avoid the panic that is going along with the COVID-19 pandemic. I have been trying to publicly share educational activities on my Facebook page. Mostly because I realize that many people are facing children who are bored and have no idea how to deal with that.

We as a society have become dependent on being told what to do, and have been trained that school is for keeping our children busy. Life doesn’t always work that way…but we have become comfortable with it.

Now this was not a post to complain about societal issues. It came about because in a time of panic…I found that for Tuesday tunes I was unable to pick a song to offer hope…The only songs I could think of were apocalyptic. That is not good for me or you. So instead I will just say I am tired. I am tired of panic. I am tired of worry. I am tired of feeling helpless. Something that I am willing to bet many others feel. So…I am instead offering resources.(Copied from posts yesterday.) And I am asking if you would help me. let us gather together ideas to assist bored children to learn and families who are suffering to find assistance. State the country if it is not USA or international please.

I’m starting with graphics I found. Some of the sites are duplicated, but it provides a good variety.

Now some links…. These are for stuff to do with children still.

The next links are for assistance.

Okay. That is the resources that I have (Mostly). I may be posting a list to Facebook later of Educational Youtube channels. or I might post it here…not sure. Regardless…let us add to this list. Gather together and support those who are struggling with the lack of humanity today. understand that not all of us can handle being in our own space. And be safe!!!

Woot! 500 followers!

So, this is a milestone, and I feel like dancing. Or partying! What is a party without a giveaway? So for my giveaway… Leave me a comment. Every comment on this post, or reblog, will result in an entry. (New follows also result in entries)

Giveaway: I have a copy of Pocketful of poetry(my very first volume), and a painted tin for the winner.

Finding Ideas

So in today’s society it seems like there’s more than we can handle in ideas out there. If you are like me, sometimes you have too many ideas. You just need to have an outside push to get the writing going.

Stories seem to be easier as far as ideas for me, but not everyone is the same. I struggle with topics for my poetry sometimes. So that is when I crawl the net looking for prompts to spark my muse.

Where do I look? Well, I personally like tumblr for prompts. The search feature helps. Look for #poetryprompts.

I also have a Pinterest board. WordPress can be a good source and there is a few who post to Instagram.

Seems like there is a few options. Sometimes you can even just put a call out on social media for ideas.

Note that many prompts can be used for writing, for art, and are interchangeable.

Where do you seek your ideas?

The growth and death of dreams 

         Dreams are what we build our lives on.  They are part of who we are,  and eventually of what we become.  Dreams that we do not work towards die off.  

         I am by nature a dreamer. I am doing what I have always wanted to do.  I am writing. Is it exactly as the girl I was at nine imagined?  No,  not really.  I am working on making it into what I need it to be. 

       Over the course of my life I have had other dreams.  I have always been a simple person. The biggest thing I have dreamed about is being stable,  having a home of my own.  Note I said home. For me there is a defined difference between house and home. House is where you live,  it is not yours but instead owned by another.  A home is somewhere that no one can make you leave.  I am nearly able to achieve that dream.  And it has been a long time coming.  I have been dreaming about my own home since I was fifteen. 

       The topic came up from a meme going around Facebook. The meme asked if I hit the lottery what is the first thing that I would buy?  Well I discussed it with Joe… And he said that the question is a wee bit unfair as it depends upon how much and when. Right now… If I hit for real money… My priorities would be different than they might be in a year. Right now… I would buy two vehicles,  pay off my home,  and effect some minor repairs. Then I would pay for the utilities for a year and stock up supplies for to help me through. Then admittedly I would stock up on craft tools.  ..💜

If you could win the lottery,  what dreams would you fill? 

Broken concept

Ok… Let’s stop right now.  The use of the word bored. I had someone who I dearly love use this word recently and it stuck in my craw.  Boredom is a flawed concept.  There is always something that you can do to engage the mind.  As the parent of a very active pre-teen,  this is a lesson I have tried repeatedly to ingraine.  Money doesn’t have to be a block either.  Oh you are broke?  Is there a library or a park near you?  Well those are usually free. Nature walks allow time for contemplation. Also one could gather supplies to do simple crafts (easily found via the Internet…)  I am not saying crafting is for everyone. I did a I’m bored jar for my girl… Slips of paper to give her ideas.  If she said that she was bored then we would draw out a slip and do what was on it.  Not all were fun…

Here is some examples..

1. Sweep all of the floors in one room.

2. Play half an hour of a video game.

3. Read for thirty minutes.

4. Color one page in a coloring book.

5. Draw a picture…

6. Write a story /poem

7. Walk at least fifteen minutes,  take notice of all of your surroundings.

8. Do a craft… Any craft.

9. Listen to music and dance…

10. Write a letter to someone.

These are merely some possible ideas.  We play d&d,  so another option is to find a group of players and start an adventure.  Most libraries offer free Wi-Fi for card holders. There is many places to get free books for the Kindle app(which is available from the play store for Android,  not sure on Apple)…. Bookbub,  bookgorilla,  and a few others.  So even if you can’t do borrowing from the library there is a way for free books.  If you message a writer on Twitter or Facebook,  and offer to review for the chance to read it… Well some will be willing to do it.  Check your community for free events.  Home depot and lowes both have a craft each month that is free for kids.  I think that they also have ones for adults.   Saying that you are bored is in my opinion denoting a bit of a lack of imagination.  Let’s not have that!


hey lookee freebie!

My friend Redbird posted this on Facebook this morning.

“Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone! Keko and the Lost Bananas is now FREE on Kindle until March 8th! Below are the links where you will find it depending on where you live in the world.

So grab yourself a copy and make sure to leave a review on Amazon for me please and thank you!

Have a wonderful day/evening!

http://ow.ly/Z4Kjt — US
http://ow.ly/Z4Lm1 — UK
http://ow.ly/Z4Mis — CA
http://ow.ly/Z4Mqg — AU
http://ow.ly/Z4MzO — DE
http://ow.ly/Z4MHX — FR
http://ow.ly/Z4MQr — ES
http://ow.ly/Z4N3U — IT
http://ow.ly/Z4Nf4 — NL
http://ow.ly/Z4NmY — JP
http://ow.ly/Z4Nv4 — BR
http://ow.ly/Z4NBv — MX
http://ow.ly/Z4NHA — IN”



Go get yourself a copy. It really is a cute story with delightful illustrations. And until the 8th of March it is free! Free is always good!