Story Ideas….

*image obtained from Google for inspiration only.

From Serena-

So I was reading various things on tumblr… Just for fun. And the suggestion was made that perhaps Medusa always had the snake hair and scales. This got me thinking of her as a possible antihero… So I did a start. Just a teaser if you will. Let me know what you think. If it is well received I will have to try and finish it.

His hand raised, ready to strike, caused her to look away. After a few moments of no pain, Diana dared to look up at him. He was still in the same place, oddly it looked as though he had not moved at all. The light was poor in their home, still Diana could have sworn he was grey instead of his natural tan skin. After a moment more she dared to reach out to touch him.
Shocked at how cold and solid he was, Diana quickly pulled her hand back. Diana turned to see if she could determine the reason for this change. Standing in the doorway was the most beautiful person she had ever laid eyes upon. Long legs covered by an iridescent sheen. A leather skirt that barely covered to her knees. The stranger had a sword, and a dagger hanging from her waist, giving an even more aggressive feel to the lean, muscular frame. The stranger had all the curves that men seemed to want, and none of the modesty that ladies are expected to have. Her large bust was loosely covered by a leather wrap that quite matched the skirt she was wearing. The doorway was too dark to make out the features of the face, but Diana was easily able to see the hair.
At Diana’s startled gasp, Medusa softly whispered. “ Do not fear. I will not harm you. I only am here to rescue you. Gather your things! I will take you somewhere that is safe so you can live freely.” Her snakes were slithering around her face and head slowly as she spoke.


Tuesday Tunes.

Music is such a potent part of my life. It always has been. My taste in music ranges from the obvious you have to hear this to omg please don’t judge me. Lol. My father’s grandfather owned a country station (Wpwc) in Dumfries, Virginia when I was a child. I spent a lot of time there. So much so that I wanted to be a Dj as a child.

That was not the dream that I ended up following. Still, music has always had a influence on my life. My mom was Country all the way. She has never listened to anything else really. My dad was into the old rock. And my grandma loved classical music. My personal music library has a little of everything. Though, nowadays I listen to YouTube mostly. Yeah… I know about Spotify. I don’t like the controls. YouTube is just easier for me.

Some of my favorite artists are

P!NK, Disturbed, Reba, Fleetwood Mac, Metallica, Handel, LL Cool J,

Twenty one pilots, Panic! At the Disco, Martina McBride, Bad Wolves, and so many more. I think that a well written song is meant to pull the heart from the listener. And the best songs are not always sung by the right artist first. I have some songs where I prefer the cover, and others that the original is my favorite. For example…Careless Whisper the remake & The Original. It is a disagreement in my house because I am an original sort of girl there, and the boyfriend loves the remake.

Music has such an impact on social ideals, and society in general. Everyone views it differently. How do you view music? What is your favorite song or artist? Has music influnced your life in any specific way?

Prompt me

So I have posted prompts for poetry before. Prompts are useful in all forms of creativity. It is the best way to Spark that muse for many.

There’s prompts for all of the writing styles out there. I have seen prompts for journal, journalism, short stories, dialogue, poetry, and characters. There is also prompts for art/sketchbooks.

Where do you find prompts? I find a lot on tumblr. There are blogs that post daily prompts. Pinterest is also a good place for this. I found several boards in a single search just today.

For me, prompts are not a guarantee that I will be inspired. It is like a focus, sometimes it will help me to see an idea… Others it is just words that don’t have any meaning. I used to turn my nose up at the idea of using prompts. It felt like I was cheating… After all, how is the idea mine if I am using prompts? It took me time to realize that the art, poetry, or writing is still mine. It is in how I handle the idea that makes it my own.

Attack of the plot bunnies!

As with most authors… I have more ideas than I will ever be able to write. Sometimes having such a potent imagination is a bit of a curse. So, what is there to do when your mind is overrun with the bunnies?

First, I recommend that you keep your writing projects to no more than two active at a time. I realize that most people recommend that you keep only one active. I think that it is easy to burnout if you push forward with a project that is not flowing. By having a second project, you have a small ability to swap off as the need arises.

Second, keep a note of the ideas as they come. Yes, write them down! You will forget them. Trust me. I have been dumb enough to believe that I didn’t need to do this. Much to my regret.

Visit the ideas list periodically to find the next project. It really is that simple. I also tend to do that with poetry prompts. What will not work one day may work to inspire another day. Inspiration sparks different depending upon the day.

So, where do you hide your ideas? Mine are all on digital notes. 😊

And finally the last day…

National poetry month has seen my blog updated every day… And it is not going to happen again for a bit. I am considering Sketch September and I am likely to do Inktober. I have been doing the P. A. D. Thing… But I have been struggling with the prompts from the offical website. Some prompts don’t click till later. So I will save them for when I can use them. I have tried to post some of my poems on Instagram and Facebook. A few here as well.

I will be returning to my usual update schedule, I hope that you will enjoy the content.