Friday funday

*though it should go with out saying… I don’t own these, they were acquired on the internet.

To be honest… I do not have the energy to do my usual post. So I thought I would share some memes/funnies with y’all.


What the Wednesday?!

Found all of these on Facebook and decided that instead of wordless Wednesday I would share my humor with y’all. Mind that none of these are mine.

Day twelve


This really depends on my state of mind and how tired I am. When I am exhausted and in the sleep deprived silliness… Penis is the funniest word. Otherwise it really is more about context. Any word placed properly can be funny. Although I admit my humor is often very juvenile… uranus is able to elicit more snickers than I care to admit.

Catching a cliche

Well even though my phone was my main way of writing, I found a way. There is an android emulator for windows, Blue Stacks. I have been playing around with it off and on since it first came out a couple of years ago. It doesn’t work as good as my phone did, because the computer is old and slow. But it does work. So I downloaded my Notebooks app. I went to restore…as it has the option from dropbox and google drive.

Wouldn’t you know it, I accidentally backed up on the dropbox and when i tried to restore from Google drive, it couldn’t connect. so I was miserable wondering how i would be able to continue what i had been working on. Then i was looking at Kindle fire tablets. I may try and buy myself one for a birthday gift next week. I was looking in to app compatibility, and got to thinking, So i went to Dropboxes site to see if i could restore an older version of the file. Guess what? I can. So now i am able to write again. I swear i don’t normally do this. Tonight when I was trying to write, I kept ¬†switching every few minutes to scrolling facebook. When I caught myself doing it, I felt like i had caught a cliche…a writer who is surfing more than she writes. Hopefully now that my setup is fixed, I will no longer hunt the cliche.