Tired Thursday

I know I normally do the tea party… Or tech reviews. Or book reviews. And I know that y’all deserve better than a blah update… But I am just so exhausted. Between all of the writing and the stupid crap that people do to each other… I think that I need to recoup. So I am just going to post some fun memes

Familiar Friday

Today I am tired. I wanted to do a post, but I just need to take a break. I got approved to write for Coffee House Writers. My partner just released her first YA Novel. We have been dealing with both vehicles going down at once, and the riding lawn mower broke a belt. Add in changing out a broken dishwasher in my kitchen and it has been a busy week.

Now I don’t like to give excuses, you deserve a post. So I figure that I will share some of the inspiration memes I have. Back to the normally scheduled posts on Monday.