Monday Poetry

This is a bit of whimsy. We played Cards Against Humanity and the black card asked for 3 cards to make a Haiku. This is the closest I could get.


Pad alone

Against my self I have pushed,My dreams all feel just so rushed.So tired of not being top priority.Not to me, not to anybody.No self care,no self esteem,Tired of no self that I can gleam

Prompt Tired of (Blank)Poem A Day challenge

Today was game day. I have a group that meets twice a month, We play D20 tabletop rpgs.   I Do the gm’ing most of the time. we occasionally alternate to give me a chance to play. It runs for the whole afternoon. I usually cook dinner and we just generally have a good time. Well today was  that day. Between that and the  PAD challenge, I am just plain wiped out.  This means that Serena’s nano is  lacking words today. I am hoping to make that up this week. Monday I have some new poems to share. I am likely going to schedule the post tomorrow. I am hoping to get some scheduled posts to take some of the pressure off. Thank  you all  for being with me through this. it helps.

Beginning of the end

Inktober is drawing to a close. There is one more week. Hopefully you have enjoyed the offerings I have been posting. After Inktober ends, Nanowrimo and the pad challenge will begin. I am hoping to start the new schedule here.

I am slightly sad that it will not be including my art as a daily thing. So I may have to share some randomly. Or I may share it to my patreon. (Www.Patreon.Com/pattimouse)

Today the prompt is prickly.

What is webcomics?


Well webcomics are amazing comics that have been posted on the web. It really is that simple.  Years ago I was following nearly two hundred separate comics.  Then I lost access to a computer,  and mobile phones were too hard to read on .

Some have ended. I am still sorting through my links. I am current on two… Working on a  third.

These are the ones I am up to date on.  I am going to try to post about this topic every Wednesday.


I am updating :


Go check them out and tell me what you think . I hope that we can discuss the merits of the various webcomics and perhaps I can enlighten you as to some great comics,  or be enlightened by you.


A day at the local library.

So I did not get today’s poem done… I spent a day with my daughter and took the bus to the local library. I managed to do the inktober art.

Today the prompt was weak. The first thing that came to mind was eggshells. Sharp but easily broken.

I will be posting today’s poem tomorrow with tomorrow’s inktober art and poem.

Also due to the trip to the library I will be doing at least one book review post each month from here out.