Tuesday talk

These are my front gardening beds. I have a rather large lot to work with, however I am having to take it a step at a time. This is the before shots. I think that I will post more about my gardening effort this year. Last year we didn’t have the tools we needed so much of what we planted failed.

This year we acquired a tiller, and good looking seedlings from the local farmers market.

We are doing an indoor garden, which I will probably talk about in another post.

This year we are planting peppers(Carolina Reaper, ghost, habanero, jalapeno, sweet banana, yellow and green bell), Tomatoes (bigboy, Cherokee purple, grape) and cucumber (straight eight, pickling). We have corn seed for if we can get some of the other area clear. Time and energy will be the deciding factor.

I am looking forward to gardening and the results. Fresh veggies. Yummy!

Thursday Thoughts

There is quite a lot coming up for me. I am close to layout for Dream Drips. I will be working on writing the last few poems needed for it.

I am on the editing of the anthology I have previously mentioned titled Under the Mists. We have some really great stories from some wonderful writers.

I have been accepted for the summer edition of Creatives Rising E-zine. I will have more to say about this as the time comes closer to the release.

My Patreon is seeing daily updates this month as I am doing #Mermay.

Serena is still working on her sequel to Rust, Gore, and the Junkyard Zombie. She has been working hard to get the story put together.

I have been working on recording the princess lost in an audiobook. This was put on hold for the last month as I have been adapting to a sleep schedule change. This has left me lethargic and derpy. Thank goodness I was able to schedule my blog ahead.

I also have life, gardening and other bits of creation that will happen. I think that I may do a post about my garden this year once I get it done. We got a tiller this year so I am looking forward to a full veggie garden this year.

I am also planning a trip in June to see people I love. It may mean that I will not be posting the first week of June. I will have to see.

I will be doing the monthly link post on Saturday. I will be doing a post about the indie publishing process tomorrow. Then I am taking Sunday as a break. I have been posting every day for a month. I have no idea what to do for another day. Lol

So what are you doing? Do you like gardens? Which of my upcoming projects are you the most excited for? And a true curiosity… Anything else you think that I need to address?