Next week

So next week will be a very active one. Under the Mists is releasing!

We are pushing pre-orders right now for this drawing. So comment a screenshot if you want to enter of the purchase.

That means that next week I may not post all of my usual daily subjects. I am going to try to post both the under the mists posts and my regular… But I will not promise as I have several places to post for this week. We will be posting the original content to the fae Corps blog and I will reblog it here. So I think that I will be able to get at least a few days of the usual posts. If you don’t already follow me on other social media, this week may be a good time to start. I am pattimouse on all of the platforms.



So I was supposed to update twice more yesterday and again today. Guess who has no internet, except for my phone. (Which is on the slow data atm) Yes, I normally do use my phone, but not my data plan. So when I get net back.. Probably later today… I will post all four posts! However as it is dealing with the Isp… I don’t know for sure that it will be so soon.

Weird Wednesday

Last week Wednesday was the best response. I figured I would do a similar thing again. My birthday is next week and I don’t know if the blog will update on the 13th. Depends upon if I am able to get it scheduled ahead. The rest is either funny or something that caught my attention. Lol blessed day to you all.

The mad mouse’s tea party and other announcements.

So… I was wondering…. Are you a subscriber? The newsletter goes out again Friday! If not… Then go here.

Also… Next week I will have a guest blogger as one of my amazing writer friends asked if she could address y’all. Want to read her book? It’s a really awesome read. She has an energy in her writing that is infectious. You can find her book here.

I think that I will be posting her guest spot on Tuesday. Monday I do not know if be posting a blog entry. It is the day I was blessed fifteen years ago with my Angel. If I can get it up and scheduled before Saturday then I will, but if I cannot then it will be missing. This is just a heads up in case I flounder at all of this.

If this first guest goes well I may be seeing if I can find other amazing authors to come on here to chat with you. 😊 Please do go and check out Tish’s book and show her curtesy when she is here.

Pad explain

poetic asides


1. Disaster

2. Quiet

3. Loud

Ok I know that today was supposed to be teaser Tuesday. Only problem is that I have been sick for three days… That stupid weather change sniffles thing. I have been trying to keep up with everything but Serena’s nano novel has suffered. We are passed the 10k mark… But then it kinda got back burner treatment because of the sick. I refuse to post the same teasers. I respect you too much for that. I do have the rest of the week. And Teaser Tuesday may not be a every week thing. I will attempt to at least update you on how the writing is going, even if I can’t do a teaser. On that note, Spilled verse is coming along. I already have six or seven poems out of the seventy needed(all of the volumes I publish have at least seventy poems).

All of the links are listed on my post Links updated. I post them every so often as to bump them up on my blog.

Thanksgiving week I will not be posting. Family time, not internet time and all of that. Hopefully you all have a miraculous holiday.

Oh and be sure to check out my second world building post on Friday.