Tuesday Tunes

Music has a power for most of us. Whether it is just a background in our lives or part of our soul. From the lullabies sung to us as children to the songs played at our funeral… Music is a strong part of life.

My great grandfather on my father’s side owned a country radio station when I was a kid. I got to spend a lot of time there, and doing various events for the station. It made the connection to music stronger for me.

I know many writer’s need music to help with the writing. For me I zone into the words and everything fades into the background. Still I think that music is something that I should acknowledge as a major part of sharing “me” with all of you. So that being said… I have decided to adding to the Tuesday rotation Tuesday Tunes. Tuesday Tunes will be where I choose a song that is sparking my attention and give you a link to the YouTube video, the lyrics, and maybe my thoughts. Obviously I will not be doing this every Tuesday but it will likely be a option that I will be doing.

Today, I want to start with a song that my daughter got stuck in my head.

Emily Finchum – Bones

Emily Finchum

[Verse 1]
Sometimes they find whole skeletons
Dug up from down below
They put the bones where they don’t fit
To make one of their own

[Verse 2]
They’re so set on what they want
The bones aren’t put where they belong
They go and put it on display
And say they’re anything but wrong

You took the bones of a Tyrannosaurus Rex
And said that it was human
Now it’s needlessly complex

The world is a museum filled with meaningless exhibits
And every gallery and hall is bustling with idiots
You think you’re so logical but you’re barely making sense
You can’t change what’s set in stone, or what’s inside your head

[Verse 3]
They dig them up from ruins
From things of long ago
Then they take your words and bury them
Six feet down below

[Verse 4]
They’re so set on what they think
They fail their archaeology
Instead, they’re just hypocrites
Who don’t make apologies

The world is a museum filled with meaningless exhibits
And every gallery and hall is bustling with idiots
You think you’re so logical but you’re barely making sense
You can’t change what’s set in stone, or what’s inside your head

There’s a fracture in the spine
“You’re wrong, victory is mine”
There’s a fracture in the spine
“You’re wrong, victory is mine”

The world is a museum filled with meaningless exhibits
And every gallery and hall is bustling with idiots
You think you’re so logical but you’re barely making sense
You can’t change what’s set in stone, or what’s inside your head (2x)

There’s a fracture in the spine
“You’re wrong, victory is mine”
There’s a fracture in the spine
“You’re wrong, victory is mine”

Thoughts ~ this song speaks to my introverted nature. It talks about the falseness that seems to permeate society today. It has an interesting beat.


Tuesday Tunes.

Music is such a potent part of my life. It always has been. My taste in music ranges from the obvious you have to hear this to omg please don’t judge me. Lol. My father’s grandfather owned a country station (Wpwc) in Dumfries, Virginia when I was a child. I spent a lot of time there. So much so that I wanted to be a Dj as a child.

That was not the dream that I ended up following. Still, music has always had a influence on my life. My mom was Country all the way. She has never listened to anything else really. My dad was into the old rock. And my grandma loved classical music. My personal music library has a little of everything. Though, nowadays I listen to YouTube mostly. Yeah… I know about Spotify. I don’t like the controls. YouTube is just easier for me.

Some of my favorite artists are

P!NK, Disturbed, Reba, Fleetwood Mac, Metallica, Handel, LL Cool J,

Twenty one pilots, Panic! At the Disco, Martina McBride, Bad Wolves, and so many more. I think that a well written song is meant to pull the heart from the listener. And the best songs are not always sung by the right artist first. I have some songs where I prefer the cover, and others that the original is my favorite. For example…Careless Whisper the remake & The Original. It is a disagreement in my house because I am an original sort of girl there, and the boyfriend loves the remake.

Music has such an impact on social ideals, and society in general. Everyone views it differently. How do you view music? What is your favorite song or artist? Has music influnced your life in any specific way?

Tea party Tuesday.

Well… I had a guest blogger planned. Due to illness, that fell through. So I was thinking about what to do today… And I realized that every great party has music. My own music tastes are all over the place. I love classical, rock, country and pop. I enjoy the smooth jazz, r&b, and hip-hop. Give me a good blues or some bluegrass. Metal and the soft japanese drums. Yeah, i just love music.

So what is your favorite songs? Post me a link! I may pick one of the links to send a handwritten copy of a poem to.

Music soothes the mad poet… 

*image found on Google and only used for inspiration. 

            Recently I read a blog done about music and the effect it had on the life of the blogs writer.  It got me thinking.  So often life for me has revolved around the music.  The sounds of life have always been a rich and full part of who I am. I remember my Dad’s deep baritone singing “Amazing Grace” to me as a child. I remember going to see my great grandfather at his radio station and being enamored by it all.  I loved the poetry in the songs,  how it felt like your soul was understood by the person singing. 

          Grandma Ethel,  my Mom’s mom,  used to sit and listen to stories from her youth and she would share those with me.  Radio shows from another era.  She taught me to enjoy classical music,  how to close my eyes and visualize the music. 

         Music for my mom was such a rigid thing.  If it was not country,  she would not listen to it. And as a child,  in her house I was not supposed to listen to anything else either.  But daddy had records of all manner of song.  Stray cats,  and soft rock like it.  She would eventually learn to bend,  she grew to enjoy some bubble gum rock along with the country.  

                      I still remember the first time I heard real rock. My soon to be step brother had a cassette tape of Dr Feelgood.  I was eleven.  It felt wild and I was hooked.  I still enjoy country,  but I am eclectic in my music tastes. 

                Mind you I am skipping over bits of music and memory. I am trying not to ramble here.  The next influence was my first day of high school.  I was six weeks late because I had a child at fourteen.  I was scared to death of what high school would be. My elder step brother was dating this chick,  and man I looked up to her.  She was confident and sexy and badass. All of the things I knew I would never be.  Well she met me at the cafeteria doors holding a boom box.  It was blasting so loudly that the windows in the building were rattling.  Pink Floyd;  Another Brick in the wall part 3…Aka We Don’t Need No Education.  I can’t tell you how much better I felt about high school.  It was not that school was actually any better.  In truth it was a nightmare.  I just suddenly felt braver,  more secure.  

       Looking back,  every person who was ever a intimate in my life has a song.  My playlist is often a minefield of memories.  Some of which I have not even explained to my boyfriend of over twenty one years. Not because of anything other than the fact that I am done with the one who was once attached to the memory. 

        I may have been a singer and put my love of music to use,  except for the fact that I am unfortunately tone deaf.  I was not gifted with the beautiful singing voice that I would have loved.  It has not stopped me, i sang to my daughter.  I refused to deny her that bond,  both with me and with music. She still will ask for her lullabies when she is feeling bad. 

I sang four main ones to her.  “Hush little baby “,”the greatest love of all “(slightly mangled as i forget one verse), “rockabye baby ” (altered so mama catches as the original bothered me)  and the last is called the puzzle song. 

Lyrics for the puzzle song: *note I learned this is a chorus class in school and have no freaking clue who wrote it. 

I gave my love a cherry that had no stone,  I gave my love a chicken that had no bone,   I gave my love a ring that had no end,   And I gave my love a baby with no cry-in. 

How can there be a cherry with no stone?  How can there be a chicken with no bone?   How can there be a ring with no end?  And how can there be a baby with no cry-in? 

A cherry when it is blooming,  it has no stone,  A chicken when it is peeping it has no bone,  a ring when it is rolling it has no end and a baby when it is sleeping has no cry-in. 

What songs have made a difference in your life?  I would love to hear about them. 

Inspiration and remakes

Disturbed Official video for sound of Silence

I posted this link because today it was my strongest Influence. I am often extra critical of remakes, as I feel that the statement that there is nothing new under the sun keeps being proven. I however have a few that I prefer the remakes to the original but not many. This is one of those. The lead singer is perfect for this song. I found in this a bit of inspiration. I have found inspiration for poetry before in songs. The way a song makes me feel or the way certain lines go together. It amazes me what can be inspiration and what can merely be just enjoyable.

I know a lot of people who look for their inspiration only in writing prompts. Or in the world around them. I find inspiration everywhere. Do you?

Parenting & Media

                 Before I climb any soap box, I am a mother.  I am not perfect.  I firmly believe each child and each family are different.  So even though my daughter is twelve,  we allow her some media  (movies,  shows, music, books   and video games)  that is probably not “age appropriate .” She is more mature is some areas than others. So if the rating is for violence or vulgarity,  I don’t worry about her. Her whole life,  I have kept a close rein on what she watched.  She has had leeway to choose. 
                  She chooses horror,  zombies and anime, hard rock, and rpg(shooter style).  We talk to her. She understands that these are not reality. So we do tend to be less restrictive. I try to guide her towards intelligent programs.  Towards a love of music that encompasses all music.  Towards an open mind where media is concerned. I have succeeded and failed.  After all, her father and her friends are influences as well.
                        The reason i am rambling,  there have been a few instances where I have been accused of not being a good parent because I  let her watch anime and play certain video games.  I believe my child should have a chance to make her own choices ( to an extent). I keep away stuff that is heavily sexual.  Blatantly sexual is more than i think she is ready for. I have forbidden only a couple of video games( gta5, south park stick of truth)  and I don’t forbid music or books( most books with questionable content are still above her reading interest level for now ).
                Very few shows are disallowed( got, banahee…basically stuff you would see on hbo, showtime or cinemax…) and it’s only if sex is open and blatant.  Mind you not all kids are as mature as her. Some see violent or scary and have nightmares.  She does not. 
                  Really parenting is as much about knowing what will and will not be appropriate for your child as it is teaching them how to live.  People who take their kids and let them watch a movie then complain about the content just ruin it for everyone. Know your kids,  and be aware of what you are letting them be exposed to. It’s not that hard.