Coffee House Writers

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my poem:

Cyndi’s Story :

Tish’s :

A Trio of Coffee

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Not only is my poem live on Coffee House Writers, but two of my best girls have new on there too.

My Poem:

My Girl Redbird’s Story part:

And My Friend Tish’s :

So enjoy the read!

Coffeehouse Writers Multiple!

So I always share my coffeehouse writers poetry… I think that today I want to share the posts of my partner and a friend as well.

My own post is

My partner RB Pilcher’s post is

And last but far from least is my friend Tish’s post…


Monday Poetry Pinterest Edition

I decided to do something fun today for Monday Poetry…I decided to show y’all my poetry related pinterest boards. Pinterest is a black hole for me, a time sink where I will lose track of time. So let me show you some of what I have been doing there.

first board is other poets and fun bits of lyrics. I enjoy reading poetry as much as writing poetry. so I save the ones I like.

The second board is Prompts. because sometimes the muse is a fickle thing.

And Lastly is a board I created of my own poetry.