Ode to poetry

The technical definition ode
a lyric poem in the form of an address to a particular subject, often elevated in style or manner and written in varied or irregular meter.
a poem meant to be sung An ode is a type of lyrical stanza. It is an elaborately structured poem praising or glorifying an event or individual, describing nature intellectually as well as emotionally. A classic ode is structured in three major parts: the strophe, the antistrophe, and the epode.

In plain words… An ode is a poem written about a single subject that is usually meant to be sung. (You see this often with poetry… Meant to be sung. Not all poetry works as song, but if you can’t at least read it aloud then you need to rewrite it.)

I am a free poet. The more structure in a form the harder time I have with it. Not because I do not know how to write within a structure, but because I don’t like the confines. Some poets are assisted by the structure. I am not.

I read that the best poets know and understand the rules of poetry so as to break them. I have been finding out lately that I can write these forms, just that I do not want to. However, that is me. You may enjoy the structure of a new form.

Here is my attempt at an ode.

Thursday Tea

Hello lovelies! I am having a coffee day, but as I have been saying all along… The tea table has options.

My life at the moment has been so busy that I don’t have much of an update on writing…. Though I do want to remind everyone that the deadline for submissions to Through the Sunshine is tomorrow! I am going to be posting something in the Fae Corps blog as well. Remember that this is just for first drafts. We can only take the ones who get that first draft in under the deadline…

Life has been busy here. We finally got the contract to buy our house. And I have a birthday girl turning 16 next week. My suv needs to be taken in to get tires replaced. And we are still rehabbing a couple of rooms in the house. Add the stress of all of this and Dr’s appointments, and everything else… You can see why I have been doing less on the writing front.

I am hoping that things settle some in February and I can get Heart Drops written some. I have spoken with my illustrator about Dylan’s next adventure. She is having life hit her as well, so Dylan may not be able to get finished for a couple of months. I will keep you updated.

I am going to be trying to schedule Tuesday’s post as I am going to be spending as much time as I can with my day with my princess. 2020 is shaping up to be a very complex year for me.

Monday poetry

Today my newest poem on Coffee house Writers posts. The posting rules for Coffee House are slightly different for the poetry department. In the poetry department there are two types, the type I am is devoted to poetry and rarely post else. Coffee House is devoted to growth of their writers. So, the poetry department that I am a part of does a weekly assignment. A challenge if you will. The weeks that you post you are required to at least attempt the assignment, and to comment on other attempts. This way we grow, we learn.

I have written free verse my whole life. I am I think comfortable, overly so sometimes, with free verse. I love the lack of restrictions on my writing.

The poet ee cummings used a lack of following the syntax rules to separate his poetry from the mainstream. I am in no way comparing my poems to his, but it was an argument that I used in high school when the teachers wanted me to follow all of the poetic rules. I have learned the rules since, because it is easier to break rules if you know them. In high school though, I was not worried about the rules of what I was writing. It was a coping mechanism. I was writing pure emotional purge, without care of what I was truly putting into the world. It wasn’t until later, when I was safer, that I started to consider how to improve my words.

So I am thankful now to attempt the challenges to improve. A good many of them are new forms. As poets, we often stagnate in single forms because they become easy to write. (The reason why I have been taking on Haikus lately.) I hate stagnation. Poetry should be fresh. A new view.

This week the assignment was a Ghazal poem.From the internet search “Ghazal
(Pronounciation: “guzzle”) Originally an Arabic verse form dealing with loss and romantic love, medieval Persian poets embraced the ghazal, eventually making it their own. Consisting of syntactically and grammatically complete couplets, the form also has an intricate rhyme scheme. Each couplet ends on the same word or phrase (the radif), and is preceded by the couplet’s rhyming word (the qafia, which appears twice in the first couplet). The last couplet includes a proper name, often of the poet’s. In the Persian tradition, each couplet was of the same meter and length, and the subject matter included both erotic longing and religious belief or mysticism. ” I did not follow the rules exactly… Wouldn’t be my poetry if I did. I did however try to get the setup right. Tell me what you think, did I get it close enough?

©2020 Patricia Harris

Old stones sitting quietly,
places found most blindly.

Nature reclaiming,
places man lived.

Grasses growing freely,
ivy around everything you see.

Ancient things sleeping,
memories man is keeping.

Is resting continued,
when nature is what is new?

Tuesday Tea Party

Hello lovelies. Pardon me if I am less active today… Yesterday I was deathly ill and today I am still… Weak.

Today I am mostly doing water, because I am trying to rehydrate. But I hope that will not stop you.

So much upcoming. Before I start with the upcoming….I have a question to ask… Have you read any of mine or Serena’s published work? Have you left a review? If not, why? Those reviews really do help me and Serena to know that we are doing this writing thing right. It may not seem like much but it really does help.

Now, as to the upcoming… I am working with formatting on a faerie anthology for Fae Corps. It’s a mismatch of information that we used for the Birtchwood grove blog we did a few years ago.

We have a deadline coming up for the through the sunshine anthology. It is looking like it will be amazing… The stories so far are great. Our deadline allows for a first draft submision. We will be helping with editing.

I submitted to Indie Blu(e) publishing’s upcoming anthology and await the decision on whether or not I will be included.

I have been accepted for 4 poems in the coffee house writers anthology. There is an amazing amount of talent included in this anthology.

I have working on my volume Heart Drops, and I have decided that I will be doing more in Dylan and the pet zombie’s world. I have already discussed with my illustrator sending the next volume to her in March. I have to spend more time with Dylan.

Serena is still working with the kingdoms of sin. She is also involved with a short that I may be posting here at some point.

Patreon is seeing a more regular posting schedule. Saturday I am posting patreon people. This is where I point to more interesting people on patreon. Monday is patreon possibility. I discuss diy projects. This week I was talking about bookmarks.. Wednesday I do wishlist. This is where I discuss tools and other supplies and why I want them. Friday I am doing a free for all where I will be posting what ever strikes my fancy.

There is a lot more upcoming as this is only the first month of the year. So stay tuned.

Monday Poetry

Yeah I know. I usually just post my own poetry or do a spotlight for Monday… But I just spent a week with bronchitis. So I did not have a post prepared. And I felt like that was not fair to those who read my blog.

So I decided to mix the two and add a story of explanation. To change things up and hopefully give the reader a smile.

A Haiku A Day is run by an author that I worked with on Under The Mists. Haiku is for me a difficult form. I do so much better with freeform poetry. He is posting literally a haiku a day. I am in awe of his talent. Well I thought that it would be a neat challenge to try and answer his Haiku with haiku of my own. Silly right? Well I obviously did not manage it every day… But I have been able to do it a few times. Now I challenge you. Take a look at the haiku below and then go check his blog. See if you can match my answer to the original poem.

Now if you can… And send me in email your answer, I will be doing a giveaway. I do not yet know what I am going to give away. But free is always good, right?

Here are my Haiku.

The light was never hers
Though she was told that it was
Darkness was always home

The words choked the pen
For the poet knew to be sin
To lay down the pen.

Payment often comes
Due in less than convenient
Moments slowing life.

Sweetness fades away
Memory remains to haunt him
Over kisses stolen proper

Sanity is overrated
insanity has benefits
Missing pieces hide easy

The words outcry all
For choosing one is downfall
At the beginning then.

Tonight I see a
Note of similarity between
sleepy poet and me.

Echoes continue till
We return to hear wisdom
From who we once were