Coffee House Anthology


Coffee House Writers is releasing two anthologies this winter! With nearly three dozen writers and over one hundred pieces total, there is something for everyone in these collections.

Paperbacks of both will be available internationally on the two release days as well!

Volume 1: Poetry & Nonfiction releases December 8. Pre-order here: 

Volume 2: Fiction releases December 15. Pre-order here: 

Shhhhh! 😘 my poetry is in volume 1!

Publication, and the snarls within

I have been proudly Indie Publishing for a decade now. I am always looking for better platforms. Better tools, not just for me, but for the other authors I work with. I like Draft2digital for their eBook option. We are looking at other Print options for the future. The pandemic has caused a few errors in the print that has us concerned. Also other places offer hardback, which we have been unable to do before. I have been reaching out, submitting my work to other presses to get more eyes on my writing.

I have no intention of naming names, but I have come to the conclusion that not all of the small presses are created equal. I honestly believe that you need both smarts or heart to do anthologies. Some of the presses possess this. They understand dealing with writer’s is choosing to deal with chaos. I find that this will be the last time I involve myself with at least one of them. For I feel less than appreciated. I will be in the anthology, but I will not be listed as one of the authors with amazon…there was only enough room to list the editors….

To me that feels like I am being told that I have less to be proud about with the anthology than the editors do….so I think I may decide to not talk about it….

oVERLOad In PrOGress

I normally juggle the balls in my life reasonably well. Author, blogger, editor, formatter, artist, friend, CHW poet, poet, game master, cover designer, mom, teacher, housewife, publisher….

These hats all are comfortable. I can deal with the multiple things happening at once. Not Today. this week has been one nightmare after another. Me making mistakes that I normally avoid.

Including missing posts on my blog. And then realizing that I am too stressed to know what to post all week. Fae corps has 4 volumes coming out at once(fae dreams, and 3 volumes of Nightmare Whispers) and one of the volumes is causing Technical difficulties.(Fae Dreams). Said difficulties are because I missed details, so I am being extra hard on myself. I am fighting those gremlins that come from it. However I am dropping balls because of it. I will try to get a couple of things back on track and figure out something to post. So please stay tuned…this may be an unusual week….but bear with me.

I may just post a couple of reviews to get me through the rest of the week….

Coffeehouse Writers Multiple!

So I always share my coffeehouse writers poetry… I think that today I want to share the posts of my partner and a friend as well.

My own post is

My partner RB Pilcher’s post is

And last but far from least is my friend Tish’s post…


Monday Poetry Pinterest Edition

I decided to do something fun today for Monday Poetry…I decided to show y’all my poetry related pinterest boards. Pinterest is a black hole for me, a time sink where I will lose track of time. So let me show you some of what I have been doing there.

first board is other poets and fun bits of lyrics. I enjoy reading poetry as much as writing poetry. so I save the ones I like.

The second board is Prompts. because sometimes the muse is a fickle thing.

And Lastly is a board I created of my own poetry.