I read something last week that has been bouncing around in my head. As I was not planning to write about it,  I did not save the blog link,  or I would refer to it.  I enjoy reading and on any given day read a dozen different blogs. Most do not stick around taking up head space.  This one did.  The gist of the blog was that though it had been a bad year,  perhaps it was not as awful as it seemed.  It spoke about how we are exposing ourselves to news in a constant barrage.  The blog likened it to an assault on the senses. Now it is that idea that has been bouncing.

Is the level of available information a bad thing?  As a writer I enjoy being able to research anything whenever I want. However,  I have had days where opening social media was oppressive. Simply because of the horrible things man does to each other. I remember that my grandma did not watch the news and did not read the paper. She was able to be blissfully ignorant unless she chose otherwise. She was one of the most intelligent people I have ever known. Now we assault ourselves with the news and wonder why we are depressed. I can’t help but think that there must be a better way.


Book Review: Dragon in the sock drawer by Kate Klimo


Cousins Jesse and Daisy are not prepared when the “thunder egg” Jesse has found turns out to be a dragon egg that is about to hatch.

A cute Tween book. It has adventure and a villain who is scary enough that even the adult readers will no be disappointed. The characters are rich and the descriptions are decent. This is the first book in the series and it allows you to grow with Emerald the dragon and her two preteen keepers. Very magical and a lot of fun to read. I highly recommend.

Book Review : Dark Current by Jacqueline Carey


Daisy Johanssen,  a part time file clerk half demon is so much more…. She’s Hel’s liaison between the eldrich community and the mundane authorities. This is the first in a fun trio of books.  I just finished book two(Autumn bones).  This first one feels like more of a young adult story.  It has a definitely fun upbeat main character.  The writer is really good at describing the action.  I would highly recommend it.

*a side note : the second book has more sexual content but nothing overly graphic. There’s another series by the same author that is more graphic. I really enjoyed it as well.

Aesthetic ideals 

Each person views aesthetic beauty differently. As a writer I tend to struggle with the concept. Physical beauty has a different description depending on the narrator. So describing a character with a flair in many ways requires a narrator who is fleshed out and real in the writer’s mind. The narrator’s voice will also affect the character’s beauty. For example, if the narrator speaks of a woman “Her mouse colored hair hung limply over dull eyes of chocolate brown.. ” most will see her as unattractive.  However,  if the narrator instead says “Her lovely mouse brown hair sheilded her large chocolate eyes,  which were dulled with pain.” we feel an attraction to the character. 

So when writing one must keep the voice of the story in mind. We writers often see our characters as children,  and thusly love them all. My issue is that i am inclined towards gorgeous villains. I usually like to believe that most great villains have a backstory that explains why they are. The readers often do not get to read the villain’s story. Perhaps that’s why we judge beauty so harshly….because we see only part of the tale.

Quote me knot

               Tonight I was watching Gotham…when I got such a thrill.  Dr. Hugo Strange quoted Alice in Wonderland.  Which led me to offer it as a summer reading choice. I am planning a very busy summer with a couple of amusement parks and a long road trip. Still for me,  Reading is a huge part of life. I am always carrying some book or another. So many of the best quotes are lines from this book or that. Inspirational words written in the stories many of us found comfort in.  Each life finds a different quote to inspire, to encourage and to grow. The quotes that help me through darkness really depends on my life at the time.  I often wonder why some quotes are considered to be inspirational.  What quotes make you smile?  Inspire you to be better?

Day Eight


             For me choosing a single book that I love is impossible.  Choosing one I hate is in some ways easier. There are two that fall in that category.  F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Because the only character I liked (Gatsby) died. And Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight.  Because it offended my sensibilities.  Vampires Do Not Sparkle! That is the only books I have ever hated. Otherwise I have usually enjoyed and loved all the books I have read.

Strong heroes weak zeroes

                      We all have the heroes/characters  we root for and ones we hate. It’s partially just human nature.  Still part of it is just the depth of the character.  What goes into a good character?  Is it their description and the well set up scene?  Or is it the easy connection the reader feels? Yes…but it is also the concept. For an example I will use Batman. He is  a strong heroic character.  Described as an attractive athletic male. He has a strong mind and uses it to make the world around him better.  Is this what has caused the character to endure?  The first time Batman was seen was 1939…take that in…this character has survived.. no he has thrived all the changes of almost a  hundred years. I find myself wondering what is involved in creating such a character. Giving it the ability to grow without becoming something outdated and boring.
                I believe a lot of Batman’s appeal is that he isn’t perfect.  He is not some superpower who knows it all. He is human. He has suffered greatly.  He is something that each person could be. So to my mind what that means is when writing,  try and keep the characters plausible. Make them either some one you can see existing or someone so unique as to catch the imagination.