A touch of the white rabbit.

So I promised that I would share this with y’all… And then I was on my trip… And I did not manage to share when I was supposed to. The author is amazing. I really like her work. So if you can go show her love to make up for my running late.

AMAZON: https://amzn.to/2NNyGnk
ITUNES: https://apple.co/2SPYy3d
NOOK: http://bit.ly/2Bs67pF
KOBO: http://bit.ly/2BoAs8E


Psst lookee at this!

I can’t help sharing this set by one of my favorite authors. It comes out in 2 weeks, and you should pre-order it while it’s only 0.99! That’s 0.99 for over 20 amazing stories!

Check her out! I promise you will like what you see.


Review : A Time for Violence Anthology

I was offered the opportunity to read this anthology. It’s a wonderful set of stories. I was really drawn in and found that all of the stories contained within were of equal quality. Go check it out on Amazon. I gave it five stars, and highly recommend it for your next read.

Talking Tuesday

I got a late birthday present from my mom. She waited until she visited two weeks after my birthday to find out what I wanted. Honestly I can blame my Aunt for the choice of gifts. My aunt read Serena’s Zombie… And just discovered Audible. She asked why I was not doing audiobook options. I explained that the set-up for audiobooks was slightly out of my price range. Mom had me look at the cost again. Turned out that Amazon had a really nice Microphone that was within her budget. She ordered it immediately. It came in yesterday. Now I have to decide which book to start with.

Poetry is a fun option for audiobook. So are the kid’s books. Serena’s Death of Neverland or Zombie are both needing the treatment. And Draft 2 digital works with audible and all of the other places to get audiobooks. I will have to learn about the recording process.

Tell me which book you think that I should do first? I plan to do all of them eventually.

Friday writing

Ok, here is the thing with writing… No writer is perfect. At least not alone. We all depend upon other sets of eyes to catch the mistakes before it goes to print. Alpha and beta readers, editors (of both developmental and copy types), these all give the feedback needed to polish the manuscript for publishing.

Copy editors (like Xterraweb or Deedra Nichole editing) go through the manuscript for grammar and spelling mistakes. They check for tense and wording. These are your basic editor.

Developmental editors (one of the listed also has developmental prices…but there are quite a few out there. Those are the editors I personally have worked with.) work with the author who is stuck. They will help find plot holes and flaws in the characters and story. They help find solutions for the author who can’t see where to go with that story.

These are just before it goes to publish. At publication there are even more possible people involved. It depends upon your book. Children’s books often require an illustrator. Then there is a cover designer. (I do my own. Not everyone does.) Some even use publishers, and marketers.

So everytime you pick up a book… Consider the amount of work it took to get it to you. No author is alone in creating the book. And it takes effort and skill to get it in your hands. Do everyone involved a favor. Review what you read.

Tell me a story

Today I think I want you to tell me a story. So I know how hard that is so I will ask questions to help. Hey, consider it a birthday present.next wednesday is my big day.

1.) Who is the story about? This is the most important part. Without a who, the story really will fall flat.

2.) What is the story about? Here is the reason, the details of it.

3.) When does the story take place?

These are three questions that every writer asks themselves with every story. Plot issues can be fixed in editing…but without these three answers the story doesn’t happen.

Submit your story. Email it to patti.mouse@gmail.com. I will feature the best one here on a future blog post. Also…you want to be a featured poet…email me with an example of your work to be considered.

Thursday review: Into the Small World Lucky in Love by Deedra Mosley

I was lucky enough to have won this copy in a giveaway done by the author. It is a really cute young adult story. This is a well written story that continues to delight all of the way through.

I find that the characters are solid. They feel like actual people as you get caught up in their adventure.

She has changed the cover, so you will get a nicer cover. Here is where you get the Kindle edition and the Paperback!