Lewis Carroll

Most people know of Lewis Carroll and his writing from his stories, but he was a marvelous poet as well.

Langston Hughes

First off… I have been enjoying the ability to share my favorite poets and their words. This is actually kind of fun.

I found Langston Hughes in High school. His work spoke to the part of me that felt isolated. Yes, I am a white female of mixed genetics. So I come from a place of privilege… Except I was an outcast among my peers. I spent so much time moving around as a kid that I was strange. Add in trauma and you end up with someone who feels isolated. His words spoke about the struggle of the poc. That enforced segregation and the misery in it. I felt like I understood him and his poetry. I realize how that sounds… I am not equaling myself with a poc and their struggle… I am merely saying that I felt like I could understand it and so I could relate with his words.


So…. I have been posting the series of women poets to make up for my messing up my schedule last week. It seems to be liked. Do y’all want me to continue with poets? It would have to go to male poets as I have posted all of my favorite women poet’s… (From the past… I have a couple of faves from lately but I have posted those people in my Monday poetry series.). Lmk in the comments and I will see how many people want it to continue.

Emily Dickinson

So, first I apologize for the lateness, today has been incredibly busy.

Emily Dickinson was the first poetry I ever read. I was amazed by the images her words… After her I found other greats such as Poe, Shakespeare, Blake, and other such poets. Still she was the first and still one of my favorites.