Thinking Thursday

Today I am doing a review. This is one of a series of books designed to help the writer. I have been reading through two of the series. I have to admit that this has a lot of useful questions. As a writer I like things that help me to plan out my stories better. This one helps a lot in planning the setting.

I recommend these books for writer’s looking for help with the details.

What books do you recommend? What books would you like to hear my thoughts on? I may have already read it. Or it could give me ideas what to read next.


Immortal reviews

I was lucky enough to win this in a giveaway the author did. Since receiving it, I have read it through multiple times. The only reason it was not reviewed sooner is because I already had reviews in various states of written. So I delayed this until I could focus on it somewhat.

It is a wonderful book fillled with poetry and small bits of prose. The art is well placed and adds to the flow. It does not feel like the poetry I write, it feels more like a conversation. A natural storyteller unfolding her thoughts before you.

The author, Deedra Mosley, also has several other books. I enjoyed the Louise Green books and am eagerly awaiting the next one. Go ahead, check out her website. I think that you will enjoy the experience. I know I have.

Thursday reviews

Emily’s book of the Strange by Rob Reger

This is wonderfully illustrated. It’s a cute little goth story based upon the illustration. I truly enjoyed it.

I wanted to note that I set up the Monday poetry post to schedule and thought that it posted. Apparently the scheduling of posts are not working right for my WordPress. It may cause some hiccups in my timeline. I hope to continue with the posts during the week. Just a reminder I will not be posting next week due to the holiday. I will be back the Monday after Thanksgiving with more poetry. And I will be doing another post on world building tomorrow.

Scheduled hopes.

So… In the past I have been awful about updating this blog. I am hoping that if I do a bit of a schedule it may help. So I decided to post my plan… Please be patient with me as I may still lapse.

Monday : poems. That will be the day when I share any poetry that I feel like sharing.

Tuesday : teasers. I have a children’s chapter book that I am working on currently, and Serena has her second book in her zombie apocalypse series. This is when I will be sharing teasers and updates on the work we are doing.

Wednesday : webcomics! This is going to be where I discuss webcomics and perhaps other fandoms.

Thursday : Reviews. Both tech and books. I am a geek who reads a lot. I really need to start doing a review segment on here.

Friday : writing helpers. This is where I will be talking about the technical difficulties that come with writing.

I am not scheduling weekends. And I may end up posting random other than the schedule… Cause life. You get it, I am quite sure. Also I may be less accurate to the schedule in November. I am doing the pad challenge and Serena is doing Nanowrimo. So I don’t know how much extra time for blogging I will have. But I will be posting. Just figure it will be less than I am hoping for.

What is webcomics?


Well webcomics are amazing comics that have been posted on the web. It really is that simple.  Years ago I was following nearly two hundred separate comics.  Then I lost access to a computer,  and mobile phones were too hard to read on .

Some have ended. I am still sorting through my links. I am current on two… Working on a  third.

These are the ones I am up to date on.  I am going to try to post about this topic every Wednesday.


I am updating :


Go check them out and tell me what you think . I hope that we can discuss the merits of the various webcomics and perhaps I can enlighten you as to some great comics,  or be enlightened by you.


Finally I am posting poetry

Ok, I admit part of the delay was my addiction to webcomics. I have been without a computer for about five years. I can’t read them on my phone. So I am trying to catch up with my favorite ones. Some I am finding no longer update (girlswithslingshots being one). Some are harder to update than others. I will attempt to do a post in the near future about my favorite webcomics and why. Just let me get caught up first.

I, so far have done a poem for each of the prompts that were given for Inktober. Then the prompt Angular came up yesterday. Weak…. Was late due to webcomics. Angular because I see nothing poetic in that. I’m sorry but I don’t see myself ever writing poems about angular. So I chose a different prompt. The prompt for the second one is cry.

I will be doing today’s inktober post in a little bit. I have the art done, and I have the writing area ready. I just need to eat something and come back to the writing.

Inktober and zombie review

Yes… I know. I owe y’all two poems. I got lost in trying to get caught up. I am going to get to writing after i eat. That is going to be a later post. For now here’s my art for today. The prompt was Angular.

One of the books that I got at the library was Zombies hate Stuff by Greg Stones.

It was incredibly whimsical and fun. I actually recommend it, and so does my teenager who is all about zombies. The art is eye-catching and it is a fun little art book.