Review : A Time for Violence Anthology

I was offered the opportunity to read this anthology. It’s a wonderful set of stories. I was really drawn in and found that all of the stories contained within were of equal quality. Go check it out on Amazon. I gave it five stars, and highly recommend it for your next read.


Friday writing

Ok, here is the thing with writing… No writer is perfect. At least not alone. We all depend upon other sets of eyes to catch the mistakes before it goes to print. Alpha and beta readers, editors (of both developmental and copy types), these all give the feedback needed to polish the manuscript for publishing.

Copy editors (like Xterraweb or Deedra Nichole editing) go through the manuscript for grammar and spelling mistakes. They check for tense and wording. These are your basic editor.

Developmental editors (one of the listed also has developmental prices…but there are quite a few out there. Those are the editors I personally have worked with.) work with the author who is stuck. They will help find plot holes and flaws in the characters and story. They help find solutions for the author who can’t see where to go with that story.

These are just before it goes to publish. At publication there are even more possible people involved. It depends upon your book. Children’s books often require an illustrator. Then there is a cover designer. (I do my own. Not everyone does.) Some even use publishers, and marketers.

So everytime you pick up a book… Consider the amount of work it took to get it to you. No author is alone in creating the book. And it takes effort and skill to get it in your hands. Do everyone involved a favor. Review what you read.

Thursday review: Into the Small World Lucky in Love by Deedra Mosley

I was lucky enough to have won this copy in a giveaway done by the author. It is a really cute young adult story. This is a well written story that continues to delight all of the way through.

I find that the characters are solid. They feel like actual people as you get caught up in their adventure.

She has changed the cover, so you will get a nicer cover. Here is where you get the Kindle edition and the Paperback!

Thursday Reviews

Complete honesty here…. I never have an easy time with doing reviews. I have read so many books that choosing one to review is a herculean task. Then I feel awkward with tech reviews because most of my writing apps are simple. I use word, evernote, and notebooks for writing (two of which I have already reviewed). I use Canva, and photo studio for cover design (I will review photo studio next week.) And artrage for digital art. Though I have many apps that I use those are the ones I use in creating. I always wonder why anyone would pay any mind to my random game addiction for the week (this week it’s a little game called Slidey and it is adorable), and talk myself out of doing reviews for them. I may try to break myself of that.

There is a story behind the book that I chose for today. I bought it at the school book fair when my daughter was in second grade. It was just barely at her reading level. It was something for us to read together. We alterated reading chapters. The characters were so good that we searched out the rest of the series. The dragon in the sock drawer by Kate Klimo. It is worth the read even for an adult. It is middle grade reading level.

Thinking Thursday

Today I am doing a review. This is one of a series of books designed to help the writer. I have been reading through two of the series. I have to admit that this has a lot of useful questions. As a writer I like things that help me to plan out my stories better. This one helps a lot in planning the setting.

I recommend these books for writer’s looking for help with the details.

What books do you recommend? What books would you like to hear my thoughts on? I may have already read it. Or it could give me ideas what to read next.

Immortal reviews

I was lucky enough to win this in a giveaway the author did. Since receiving it, I have read it through multiple times. The only reason it was not reviewed sooner is because I already had reviews in various states of written. So I delayed this until I could focus on it somewhat.

It is a wonderful book fillled with poetry and small bits of prose. The art is well placed and adds to the flow. It does not feel like the poetry I write, it feels more like a conversation. A natural storyteller unfolding her thoughts before you.

The author, Deedra Mosley, also has several other books. I enjoyed the Louise Green books and am eagerly awaiting the next one. Go ahead, check out her website. I think that you will enjoy the experience. I know I have.

Thursday reviews

Emily’s book of the Strange by Rob Reger

This is wonderfully illustrated. It’s a cute little goth story based upon the illustration. I truly enjoyed it.

I wanted to note that I set up the Monday poetry post to schedule and thought that it posted. Apparently the scheduling of posts are not working right for my WordPress. It may cause some hiccups in my timeline. I hope to continue with the posts during the week. Just a reminder I will not be posting next week due to the holiday. I will be back the Monday after Thanksgiving with more poetry. And I will be doing another post on world building tomorrow.