Thankful Thursday

Tomorrow will be absence from me, and I will explain. My mother and two of her sisters are coming Saturday to visit me. I have been sick, so my house needs attention. I feel crappy still, but I have to get it to where I won’t be as embarrassed. I have not gotten to see my aunts since I was a teen, and it has been a couple of years since I saw my mom. So I am fairly certain that they are not coming to see my house. Still, I can do that last minute sweep and straighten.

I debated, with all that I have going on today about just sliding into next week. I really considered it. I decided that I would be letting everyone down with out at least explaining.

I think that I am thankful for all that the blogging and writing have brought me in my life. And I am always thankful for family. So I leave you today with a question. What are you thankful for?


Thursday thud.

I have nothing to offer you today or tomorrow. I am sorry. This week has wiped me out. I have been under the weather for nearly two weeks. Nothing serious… Just generally sick. Then Monday Joe had to get an scope from both sides to see what is going on with his health. My angel has a weird mass in the bone of her left jaw and she was sick last week with the stomach bug that I have been dealing with. She had surgery yesterday to biopsy that mass. All told I am wiped. Add in my grandson being sick and me unable to go see him… And this writer has no words. So please forgive me. Blog will be back Monday, I have another poet spotlight planned.

Wednesday wisdom

Today is a bit of a recovery day. I had a birthday girl, she just turned fifteen, on Monday. Which we spent in the ER because she caught a stomach bug. So I am worn out.

I find myself glad that I have less responsibility right now than usual. I was not chosen to create for the spring issue of Creatives Rising. And the editor apologized because she wanted to include everyone, but so many applied… So she was forced to choose. I think that I will let you in on a secret. I was relieved. The topics offered did not truly speak to me. This time of year is harder for me to create. I end up wanting to hibernate. I force the creation but it is a struggle. So I was grateful to not have been chosen. I applied because I love the E-zine. I will be letting you guys know when it is coming out, I asked the editors to include me in the cover announcement so I could share with you. I have a reserved spot in the summer issue. It works wonderfully for me.

This week Thursday will be a review of my friend Deedra’s young adult novel. I do hope that you will check back here to see that. Next Tuesday I have another guest scheduled.

This week I have to settle down and focus on Serena’s second zombie novel. It is at 13k. Goal is to get it to 60k and to the editor by my birthday (march 13).

Friday, this week, is going to be me posting a dozen poetry prompts. I hope that you will be willing to share your poetry with me.

Thursday thought

Today I think I will talk about connection and the simple joy of it. We make a thousand connections every day, whether or not we realize it. We affect others by what we say, what we do. I took notice of two such moments today (this is being written on Tuesday… Lol). It made me think. I have always wondered about how people see me, what they see in me to be exact.

Now, that is not me looking for the pat on the head. I honestly think that I am not seeing in myself what everyone else does. It makes me feel like a superstar when I have those connections.

Lately I’ve seen more of those. I am finding my tribe. People who are so much similar to me that I feel them vibrate. People who I know that I can trust absolutely. And it feels amazing.

My tribe sees me, sees the lingering insanity that I barely contain. They trust me, and I have felt their love.

That is my biggest wish for each of you… That someday you’ll find your tribe.

The mad mouse’s tea party and other announcements.

So… I was wondering…. Are you a subscriber? The newsletter goes out again Friday! If not… Then go here.

Also… Next week I will have a guest blogger as one of my amazing writer friends asked if she could address y’all. Want to read her book? It’s a really awesome read. She has an energy in her writing that is infectious. You can find her book here.

I think that I will be posting her guest spot on Tuesday. Monday I do not know if be posting a blog entry. It is the day I was blessed fifteen years ago with my Angel. If I can get it up and scheduled before Saturday then I will, but if I cannot then it will be missing. This is just a heads up in case I flounder at all of this.

If this first guest goes well I may be seeing if I can find other amazing authors to come on here to chat with you. 😊 Please do go and check out Tish’s book and show her curtesy when she is here.

Thursday Reviews

Complete honesty here…. I never have an easy time with doing reviews. I have read so many books that choosing one to review is a herculean task. Then I feel awkward with tech reviews because most of my writing apps are simple. I use word, evernote, and notebooks for writing (two of which I have already reviewed). I use Canva, and photo studio for cover design (I will review photo studio next week.) And artrage for digital art. Though I have many apps that I use those are the ones I use in creating. I always wonder why anyone would pay any mind to my random game addiction for the week (this week it’s a little game called Slidey and it is adorable), and talk myself out of doing reviews for them. I may try to break myself of that.

There is a story behind the book that I chose for today. I bought it at the school book fair when my daughter was in second grade. It was just barely at her reading level. It was something for us to read together. We alterated reading chapters. The characters were so good that we searched out the rest of the series. The dragon in the sock drawer by Kate Klimo. It is worth the read even for an adult. It is middle grade reading level.